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by Jessica Matthews, RDM co-founder

I was invited with my 3-month-old baby to check out the brand-new Baby Bathhouse in Lane Cove West. Located near the Woolworths petrol on Burns Bay Road, it’s less than 5 minutes from Hunters Hill and within Figtree Plaza where you’ll also find a cafe should you wish to stop by, before or after your session. We completed 2 sessions, one week apart – it was a great bonding time and most importantly, my baby really enjoyed it.

What is Baby Bathhouse? In short, it’s a day spa for babies and it’s adorable (recommended for babies aged 6 weeks to 12 months). There are 2 parts to the 50-minute session at Baby Bathhouse. Firstly, the hydrotherapy session and secondly, the massage session

I prefer low-tox options where possible for my baby and love that Baby Bathhouse aims to offer a chemical-free environment. For example, no chemicals are used in the water, organic oil is supplied for massage, swim nappies are organic Tooshies, and baby wipes are 100% compostable and biodegradable, also by Tooshies.


Baby Bathhouse has 5 individual baby spas. The spas are in a separate room where the air conditioning is set to ensure it’s a warm and comfortable environment for your baby and has coloured lights to provide a sensory experience for babies. Baby Bathhouse also plays gentle relaxing music.

Each individual spa bath is set at 36 degrees, the perfect temperature for baby hydrotherapy. They are also completely chemical-free and ozone-filtered, continuously filtering the water, making them easy on sensitive skin. Each spa is emptied, cleaned, and refilled.

You don’t need to bring anything except your baby and a nappy for post-session! Baby Bathhouse provides plush Sheridan towels, adorable baby bathrobes, swim nappies, wipes and nappy bags, toys for the spa session, massage oil, and even hair brushes!

Each spa has its own toys to use to interact with your child while they are in the spa. On offer are Tikiri natural rubber rattle and bath toys made from pure natural rubber and handprinted with vegetable pigments making these toys an excellent eco alternative to plastic. They have a gentle rattle and no holes in the bottom to take in water and create mould issues. Baby Bathhouse sells the toys on site so if, like me you love them, you can buy some after your session.

The other cute water play toys are Tiger Tribe Mix & Match Bath Mates which come in a 3 pack and I loved how the bottom unscrews so you can easily clean them and dry them out.


In terms of how they are made:

  • The 3 animals are made from durable silicone-phthalate and BPA-free
  • Tyres made from polypropylene-phthalate and are BPA free
  • They’re easily opened up for (top shelf) dishwasher-safe cleaning (and drying between uses)

I loved that you can squeeze them in water and then offer a gentle rain/sprinkle for your baby. It’s a great way to make water play fun and build water confidence. I squeezed them gently over my baby’s face and body and loved them so much that I bought them from Baby Bathhouse.

During the first half of the hydrotherapy session, the spa jets are not on – this is so your baby gets used to the spa and gently moving around. Halfway through you will be asked if you’d like to use the jets (bubbles) and they can be turned on. My baby loved both options – he kicked and moved his legs around showing he was enjoying himself. Between the 2 sessions, I could see he was more confident, kicking more and smiling and laughing a lot!

Benefits of hydrotherapy:

  • Improved muscle strength and coordination
  • Reduced stress and anxiety
  • Improved digestion
  • Enhanced circulation
  • Increased lung capacity
  • Improved sleep patterns
  • Enhanced sensory and cognitive development
  • Improved immune function
  • Reduced pain

Neck Floats

I spoke to owner Sophia in detail about the neck floats as I was conscious that I was letting my little baby float in the water and I wanted to ensure it was safe and how it worked. The neck floats used at Baby Bathhouse are completely safe and air-free, so there’s no risk of deflating. The baby’s chin rests on the float and is supported all around their head.

They can be adjusted as well, tightened, or loosened to fit snugly around each baby as they have two buckles and double protection. The material is also eco-friendly, waterproof, breathable, light and smooth and will protect the baby’s skin.

Before your session starts, you’ll be shown a demo of how they work and then you’ll be assisted by Sophia to place it on your baby – you hold your baby while Sophia places the neck float on. She will talk you through what she is doing and also the safety aspects and checks as she performs them.

After the hydrotherapy session is finished, you’ll have the option to dress your baby in an adorable baby-sized bathrobe and they take some photos on their baby lounge (which are complimentary and emailed to you after your session). Then there is a 5-minute break. Perfect time to give your baby a cuddle or a feed if needed. There are 2 lounges out in the main waiting room. You can also enjoy a Lindt chocolate and water while you wait!

Learn more about hydrotherapy.

Baby Massage

After your baby’s hydrotherapy session, while you have the 5-minute break, Sophia will set up the massage stations. Each massage session is focused on one part of the body. To learn all the massage techniques it is best to complete 8 sessions. In addition to learning various areas of the body, you will also learn techniques to help relieve symptoms of colic, wind, and constipation.

Baby Bathhouse supplies 2 organic and edible massage oil options. One is nut-based and at the time of booking you will be asked for any allergies so your session can be tailored if needed. If you declare no allergies, both massage oils will be offered for you to select from.

Fun fact: before opening Baby Bathhouse, Sophia worked as a paediatric massage consultant who also has had an extensive career in childhood development and education. The massage techniques you learn at Baby Bathhouse can be used at home.

I found this part of the session fantastic as sure I ‘massage’ my baby at home (aka rub body cream on post bath) but I was guessing what I was doing so it has been great to learn specific techniques. My baby loved it and is always keen for a massage! For me, this was a great learning experience.


Benefits of baby massage:

  • Reduces crying
  • Improved bonding and attachment
  • Improved sleep
  • Reduced stress and anxiety
  • Improved digestion
  • Enhanced neurological development
  • Boosted immune system
  • Improved circulation
  • Pain relief
  • Improved muscle tone and flexibility
  • Enhanced communication
  • Increased confidence
  • Improved mood

Learn more about massage.

Session Sizes

There is a maximum of 5 babies at any one session but you’ll most likely find less as Sophia aims to keep the class sessions as small as possible. You can even book in for a mother’s group session and enjoy it together!



There is a car park directly behind Baby Bathhouse which you can access via Beatrice St and then walk around the corner to Baby Bathhouse. Ideally, leave your pram in the car and carry your baby in.

RDM Exclusive Offer

As always we’ve asked for an RDM special to pass on to RDMs – Sophia offered 2 options depending on what you’re looking at doing:

  • 20% off single sessions – Code: RDM20
  • 20% off packages – Code: RDMP20 (packages are already at a slight discount and this discount can be used on top of that discount. For example, an 8 package is already almost a 20% plus you can then use this RDM special as well). Hooray!

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The Details

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  • Phone: 9090 2776
  • Open: Wednesday – Thursday 9am – 3pm, Friday – Saturday 9am – 5:30pm