Aquatopia Water Park – No Ordinary Water Park

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Aquatopia at Prairiewood Leisure Centre – what a find! You may not have heard of it because it’s out of area, however, it’s TOTALLY worth the drive (approx 30 minutes). We first came here in early Jan 2018 and have been regulars since.

With 79 different water elements for you and your kids to enjoy, be prepared to spend the WHOLE day visiting this beauty. Check out all the options below.


Younger children

  • Kids under 5 are FREE!
  • All children under 5 get a green wrist band, which means an adult needs to stay with them at all times
  • There is a baby/toddler splash area with about 20cm if water and various water spouts, sprinklers and fun inclusions
  • The main area has little slides for younger kids, lots of water squirting this way, that way and all in between



Older Children

  • There are some huge slides to the side of the main area – kids need to be 120cm tall to go on these (there is a ruler at reception to measure)
  • There are many other medium-sized slides to enjoy – open slides, twisty slides, dark tunnel slides (definitely one for thrill-seekers!) and lots of water buckets, sprinklers and of course wet zones!
  • There is also 10m and 20m slides which are sure to impress the kids too! (These are so fast and some so steep, not for the faint-hearted!)
  • There is also a wave rider pool for the kids and adults who are keen to give it a try.



Waiting times

  • Due to COVID, the water park is only allowing a 1/3 of their normal capacity and you must prebook your tickets online. Click here to buy.
  • Due to these restrictions, we got our wrist bands in record speed and headed on in.
  • In terms of slides in the main area, the wait was minimal (talking seconds). The slides within the main area have covered stairs so offer shade and there is generally a water bucket to tip or water to spray to occupy kids while waiting.
  • The larger 10m and 20m slides have small wait times depending on the time of day but it was a fraction of normal due to COVID restrictions.

Tables and Shade
  • There is a huge shade sail area near the toddler splash area.
  • Surrounding the main area are big umbrellas (we were lucky enough to arrive at 11am and get one of these!)
  • Around the main area are some cabanas with BBQs – the BBQs can only be used by cabana bookings (cost involved to book) and you also get to a mini bar fridge!
My top tips: 
  • Buy your tickets online, the queue to get in with online tickets is much shorter!! You can do that here
  • Take a picnic lunch/snacks as the kiosk has limited options and a bit of a queue
  • Arrive early (11am when they open) so you can get yourself in and set up
  • They don’t allow inflatable rings for pool area so leave them at home
  • Feel free to bring floaties/vest for kids (no floaty rings as these are not allowed)
  • You will probably end up going on many of the rides with your kids, due to age limits or the scare-factor, but don’t worry it’s really fun!
  • Apply sunscreen regularly (yes this is a given but the water is nice and refreshing that it’s easy to forget)
  • Bring a driver’s licence – one adult in your party needs to have one to enter
  • (Oh and we’ve already told our Mayor we would love our own water park called Rydetopia!)
Opening Hours
  • Open 7 days a week in school holidays
  • Open weekends 11am to 4pm
What will it cost? 
  • For non-Fairfield City Council residents, it’s $20 per person (anyone 5 years & over).
  • A family pass is the best value. 2 adults and 2 kids = a “family pass” but you can add extras to the family pass e.g. a family of 4 pass is $65, a family pass + 1 (5) = $76, a family pass + 2 (6) = $88. A Family pass can also be 1 adult and 3 kids.
They have an extensive grassed area that they call their Aquatopia untimed parking and you’re best to park there. It’s right beside the centre and is well signed as you enter the main carpark area. Entry to Aquatopia is just off the dedicated unlimited parking area – you will see red flags showing the entry area so follow those!
We always have a great day at Aquatopia and definitely recommend visiting this awesome venue. We have now been 3 times and the kids think its absolutely AMAZING! Learn more about Aquatopia here.

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