Victoria Davidson – Community Independent for Lane Cove

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What is your name, political party and electorate?

Victoria Davidson, Community Independent, Lane Cove.

Tell us about your background both personally and professionally

I am a mother, small business owner, lawyer, and trained mediator.  I understand the rewards and challenges of operating a small business, and juggling family life. I was actively involved in our local public school P&C, including running the canteen for five years.  I have also done voluntary work giving legal advice to women experiencing domestic violence and homelessness.

My husband and I have lived in Lane Cove for the past 15 years, along with our three children and dog Max.

As a small business owner,  I understand the rewards and challenges of running a small business.  I know how important financial management, effective communication and negotiation, planning and problem solving are to effective leadership, and I believe these real world skills will be an advantage in politics.

I am a concerned member of our community who is passionate about representative democracy. I believe that an MP should represent their community alone, and that their vote in Parliament must always be cast freely, without reference to a party, faction or lobby group.

What are some things you love about your electorate?

I love our local area – it’s a family-friendly community, with beautiful bushland (including our very own National Park) and we are so fortunate to have access to the river and harbour foreshore.

We are also incredibly lucky to benefit from extensive mature tree canopy, and we must ensure it is protected and enhanced into the future.

The Lane Cove electorate has a vibrant and diverse community, with an abundance of small and independent retailers as well as cafes and restaurants. I’m lucky to live close to Lane Cove Village, and I love the pedestrian-only social gathering space for locals. I would love to see future developments in our electorate embrace these village qualities.

What do you believe are the 3 main issues affecting your electorate and why?

The rising cost of living and housing affordability is concerning our community. High energy prices are significantly impacting household budgets. We need a fiscally responsible government with targeted cost of living support, not just band aid voucher programs.

Community planning – I believe the voice of our community is being overridden and lost. There is a strong disconnect between what Lane Cove needs and aspires to, and the decisions the government is making. People are telling me they are frustrated with the planning process. The current planning system is top down, fragmented, incoherent and inaccessible. We need to align development with the planning process to ensure necessary infrastructure and services are available. We need a clear vision to create healthy cities with active community participation. We need climate resilient and climate protective housing. We need to plan future developments to be in line with community needs and aspirations.

Public transport – We have a real problem in our electorate with unreliable public transport, particularly buses.  Privatisation of buses has meant delays, route cancellations and reduced coverage.  This impacts residents everyday and creates more traffic on the roads when people decide to drive instead. We must hold the government to account to ensure high quality bus service delivery for Lane Cove: either wind back the privatisation of bus contracts, or strengthen contractual safeguards with existing operators including minimum performance standards in contracts to avoid rationalisation and reductions to our services.


What are the 3 key things you plan to achieve if elected?

I will prioritise the community issues I have highlighted above and put you at the centre of decision making. In addition to addressing the below three key platforms:

Integrity – It is time to restore integrity to Government.  No more jobs for mates. Greater transparency and accountability for where your money is spent – means ending the rorts and pork barreling. We also need to ensure there is independent funding of ICAC and other NSW oversight bodies.

Climate – faster emissions reduction with clear legislated targets for all sectors.  There is still much to do in NSW in the area of climate action – along with the protection of our unique biodiversity, including Koala habitat.  We must stop new coal and gas projects.  We must end native forest logging.  We must both protect and restore our biodiversity, and expand our national park estate.  We need reliable and clean public transport, and sustainability at the core of planning and development.

Pokie Reform – adoption of the strongest possible, evidence based, reform to address the social harms of problem gambling.  The major parties’ commitments on gambling reform are not strong enough.  We need to introduce an ID linked mandatory cashless gaming card within the next term of Parliament, with built in daily, weekly and annual default loss limits.  I would like to see NSW adopt the Tasmanian model – where there are default loss limits of $100 a day, $500 a month and $5000 a year.  We must power down pokies for an additional 4 hours per day – in these four hours between midnight and 4am, individuals are very vulnerable to gambling losses.

What about your long term vision for the area?

I love our Lane Cove electorate, from Putney to Greenwich, and North Ryde to Northwood.  I believe we share a common vision for a connected, cohesive and thriving community, that celebrates and protects our beautiful bushland, where we have:

  • Sustainable housing connected to greenspace and recreational facilities;

  • Reliable, clean, affordable public transport;

  • Properly resourced health and education;

  • Flourishing and cosmopolitan commercial precincts;

  • Planning with community needs at the centre, including a diversity of housing types; and

  • Enhanced active transport networks.

Other Comments

From my discussion with our community, it is clear that our current State member does not represent our community views. This was very evident when our Lane Cove MP, Anthony Roberts, voted against the voluntary assisted dying legislation and against the decriminalisation of abortion. Many people in our community have expressed concern about this, as well as frustration that the Design and Place SEP was abolished so quickly and without transparency.

There is real concern about who our current member prioritises in his decision making.

I will work everyday to ensure our community’s voice is heard and prioritised. There is a real possibili that at this NSW election we will have a minority government that relies on an expanded crossbench to lead. This would give independents ability to make demands, and influence meaningful reforms – Lane Cove will have a clear choice at this election.




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