PIEX Coding and Robotics – January School Holiday Activities Guide

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Coding and Robotics Holiday Program – The Human Body

PIEX Education hosts a very special & unique Holiday Program focused on the Human Body. This one is for our future doctor, scientists & biologists. Learn more about how the body functions and the reason behind it.

Have a look at how coding & robotics is automating the surgeries and increasing the accuracy of our research. Kids immerse themselves in an enriching environment to learn about the human body while coding and understanding robotics. What sets us apart is the play based learning, social activities & mindfulness we practice in our classes.

PIEX provides STEAM holiday programs with the theme of the Human Body. With the goal to prepare kids for the 21st century, PIEX program is designed to foster kids’ creativity, critical thinking, collaboration and communication skills!

We’re kicking off the Holiday program in Sydney Olympic Park & Dural Public School.

Enter RDM_20 for a $20 discount, offer ends 30 December 2021. You can also use the $100 Creative Kids voucher towards our program!

Find out more about our program at www.piexeducation.com/holiday-program