Phil Bradley – Greens for Parramatta

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Phil Bradley

1. Tell us your name, electorate & political party.

Clr Phil Bradley, Parramatta electorate, The Greens.

2. Tell us a bit about yourself and what other “hats” you wear in your life. 

I was elected in 2017 as the first Greens Councillor ever on the City of Parramatta Council. I have also run for Local Government, once in the City of Ryde and twice in Parramatta, as well as being the Greens candidate for Parramatta in previous NSW and Federal elections. I have lived with my spouse Annie Nielsen in the Parramatta area for 23 years and have two daughters, and share with Annie’s daughter and son, seven grandchildren. We have also worn interim kinship carers’ hats for four children under 8 years old.

I have demonstrated my ability to not just talk, but to act on my beliefs as a civil engineer, TAFE teacher and senior officer of the Teachers Federation. I have won a National Volunteer Award for voluntary leadership roles in the Parramatta Climate Action Network, the Parramatta Female Factory Action Group and as President of Reconciliation for Western Sydney. I also volunteer with Parramatta Bushcare and the Better Planning Network.

3. Why are you running in this election and why should we vote for you?

I am running in this election, so that I can more effectively continue to advocate strongly for a climate safe planet and a more sustainable, liveable and productive Parramatta by putting people before the excessive profits of greedy corporations.

If more people vote for me and The Greens in the Upper House, The Greens will have a good chance of holding the balance of power in the NSW Parliament’s Lower House and/or in the Upper House. This would place us well for achieving many of the Greens objectives for an equitable, sustainable and environmentally friendly society

4. What is your favourite spot in the area and why?

Lake Parramatta because of its beautiful natural bush setting, its coolness, its species diversity and tranquility, but with a cafe.

5. What do you believe are the 3 main issues affecting our area and why?

6. If elected how would you address each of those 3 issues (both short term and long term)? 

7. What are the 3 key things you plan to achieve if elected?

My priorities for Parramatta are:

1. Creating a Jobs-Rich, Clean Energy Future – thousands more jobs by addressing extreme heat; supporting solar energy, more trees, water parks, green spaces, energy efficiency and early intervention against heat stress health risks.

2. More Quality Public Services Not Privatisation – affordable housing; free, quality public education including preschool, school and TAFE; increased staff at Westmead hospital; more trains, buses and cycleways, not the exorbitant WestConnex toll road nor a 24 x 7 noisy, polluting airport nearby; and improved community services.

3. Better Planning, Heritage, Culture and Arts – opposing unsustainable development and supporting better planning, with priority on genuine community consultation to deliver on feedback; and promoting Parramatta’s outstanding Aboriginal, multicultural, natural and built heritage.

8. AFTER SCHOOL CARE: There is an increasing demand for before and after school care at Primary Schools in the area. Do you have plans to improve this given many of the current options are full, turning families away and have wait lists in place?

I believe that before and after school care at primary schools should be available to all! This would be with appropriately regulated arrangements for low or no cost care by professional carers. There should also be national standards for these services.

9. BUS SERVICE – many Ryde Mums use the local bus service rather than trains however they are always full and overcrowded in peak times. What plans do you have for local bus services?

I strongly support providing more buses (preferably electric run on renewable energy) and with more routes to suit parent and children’s needs. We also need to quickly deliver the light rail from Rydalmere to Ermington and Melrose Park, and then connecting via Wentworth Point and Sydney Olympic Park to the main western heavy rail lane. The exorbitant wasteful spending on inefficient and expensive tollways by the Coalition government must stop.

10. BUILDING & CONSTRUCTION SAFETY: With what has happened with the Opal Tower, are there are any guidelines, practices etc for all the new developments in the area to ensure these are built correctly and safe?

 The Opal tower was part of a state significant development so councils had minimal say in this development. The inquiry found numerous shortcomings right through the whole process from planning, design and construction to supervision of the works. We must have a much stronger public oversight of building standards, regulation and compliance of designers, private certifiers and contractors, to ensure we have safe and efficient buildings.

11. ENVIRONMENT: Climate change and the environment is a big concern for many families. What are your plans to help our environment in the local area?

The City of Parramatta Council won a local government award for its Environmental Sustainability Strategy and this must now be implemented as a matter of urgency to improve environmental amenity and minimise the impact of dangerous global warming. The Strategy is a great start but The Greens have even better publicly available policies such as achieving a just transition from dirty coal and gas to 100% renewable energy by 2030 and to achieve zero net greenhouse gas emissions by 2040. To achieve this we also need to: achieve 100% clean energy; plant more trees in more green spaces rather than the current high rate of tree clearing; move to a zero waste circular economy; minimise water wastage; reduce air, water and ground pollution; increase use of sustainable transport; and protect our biodiversity.1

As the first Parramatta Greens Councillor, I have enthusiastically promoted many policies relevant to the state election. I will continue to work hard to create jobs for all by delivering 100% renewable energy, and supporting small business and sustainable development with more genuinely affordable housing. I will demand fair renters’ rights and full funding for construction of a world class Parramatta Aquatic Centre, which is affordable and accessible.