Let Their Imaginations Run Wild at Family-Friendly Vivid Sydney at Chatswood 2019

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Celebrating its fifth year as a key precinct of Vivid Sydney, Willoughby City Council is excited to celebrate love, peace and harmony through a range of immersive artworks designed to spark the imagination. Vivid Sydney at Chatswood runs from the 24thof May until the 15thof June and makes for a relaxed and entertaining night for the whole family. Among the streets, laneways and public spaces, you’ll find interactive artworks perfect for little ones with huge imaginations and for the big kid inside us all.  

Start your family-friendly Vivid Chatswood journey with the interactive Cascading Harp located at Chatswood Interchange. This grand curtain of light, colour and music symbolises the union of Eastern culture and Western technology. Children will love playing with the cotton ropes hand-dyed in pastel colours, clusters of bells, beautiful lights and soothing music which chimes in sync with the rope movement.



At Chatswood Mall, families can discover Trumpet Flowers, a giant musical flower garden inspired by vintage gramophones. Artist Simone Chua is passionate about creating engaging, inclusive, playful works in various experimental forms. “At Vivid Chatswood artists are able to transform environments into memorable experiences which invite real audience interaction. There is no greater reward than seeing your artwork bring joy to so many,” says Simone.



Another art installation sure to captivate children is Woodie, the free-moving robot, located at Mills Lane. Woodie draws on the ground with luminescent chalk and his designs are lit by ultraviolet light – children will love the playground he creates! Woodie shows how robots can work in our urban environments in peaceful ways.



The majestic elm tree of the Ether Elm is designed to help people tap into their inner child. Sing, laugh, talk or whisper to the trees to activate engaging light sequences generated by different tonal patterns. The work is representative of the effect we have on the environment and the idea that what is given to the world is given back to us – an important message for today’s generation.

The larger-than-life 3D projection artworks displayed on the sails of The Concourse feature mesmerising stories designed to delight young minds. Digital Odyssey by Alice Peacock playfully explores the impact of social media and technology upon human connection.



Families can also enjoy the 22m high Bella Vista Ferris Wheel beautifully lit with LEDs located on Spring Street. Ride to the top for a magical experience and a view to remember.

Once you’ve enjoyed the artworks, be sure to stop by Westfield Chatswood for some fun activities! Put your putt-putt skills to the test with glow-in-the-dark Mini Golf, or pop into their creative Workshops and make some glow-in-the-dark-slime. There is also complimentary glow-in-the-dark hair, nails and temporary tattoos available Thursdays and Saturdays.



After being swept up with endless photo opportunities and interactive installation fun, consider concluding your family outing with one of the outstanding dining experiences Chatswood has to offer. If you’re looking for an easy, fun-filled evening for mum, dad and the kids, Vivid Chatswood truly has it all.

Not to mention – the whole site is accessible for prams and strollers!

Find out more at www.visitchatswood.com.au/vivid-2019


Where to Eat

Chatswood is known across the city as a destination mecca for incredible international cuisine. This year some of the most popular restaurants from District Dining down to Archer Street will light up their shopfronts and offer themed dishes and special menus as part of Vivid Sydney at Chatswood, which runs from 24 May – 15 June.

Here are ten places to brighten up your winter with glow in the dark dishes, special cocktail concoctions, colourful teas and fun desserts.  


1. General Chao – District Dining, Chatswood Interchange

  • Jasmine Hot Smoked Salmon with beetroot, cucumber, Szechuan sauce and aged Chinese vinegar
  • Vivid Sydney Forrest Cake with cherry mousse, almond dacquoise and Vivid Sydney meringue
  • Little Dreamer Cocktail, a twist on the classic Charlie Chaplin with Haymans Sloe Gin and butterfly ‘pea flower’ tea infused with Seedlip Garden.
  • Vivid Forest Mocktail -A Seedlip Spice base with earthy stewed rhubarb and a touch of citrus and vanilla


2. Chatswood Mall

  • Glow in the Dark Fairy Floss


3. Yamaei Chatswood – 88 Archer Street

  • Vivid Sydney Rainbow Drink


4. Celsius Dessert Bar – Bus Kiosk 4 Chatswood Interchange

  • Vivid Sydney Nitrogen Liquid ‘Dragon Breath’ desserts



5. Chinatown Noodles – 427-441 Victoria Avenue

  • Special Vivid Sydney menu featuring wine, cocktails and shared plates with dumplings, bao buns and noodles


6. Gelatissimo – 376 Victoria Avenue

  • Bubble O’Vivid! An exclusive flavour inspired by the festival. A strawberry bubblegum gelato with strawberry swirls topped with colourful sprinkles


7. Tori Korean Food – Bus Kiosk 3, Chatswood Interchange

  • Special Vivid snacks including rice cakes, hot dogs, fish cakes and kranskies


8. Chongqing Street Noodles  – 88 Archer St

  • Rainbow Rice Ball with Ice Cream


9. Ben & Jerry’s – The Concourse, 409 Victoria Avenue  

  • Special Vivid Sydney topping on ice creams


10. The Orchard Hotel – 455 Victoria Ave

  • Special Vivid Sydney Cocktail – Neon Lights
  • American Platter for two