Laser Hair Removal – IPL vs Candela

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by Kirsty Clark, Clearskin Clinics


Clearskincare Clinics are known as Australia’s most experienced laser hair removal clinics and have been performing laser hair removal treatments using the Candela medical grade lasers for over 18 years.

All Clearskincare Clinics use Candela Alexandrite lasers to ensure delivery of the safest and most effective laser hair removal treatments. They are more effective IPL machines that are most commonly used for skin rejuvenation. The downside of IPL is that it is not very effective for hair removal, its effects are not always predictable even on relatively low power settings and it can be very dangerous when used on darker skin types. IPL burns are common and tend to be deeper and frequently lead to loss of pigmentation in the burned skin.

There are many studies demonstrating that IPL is not as effective as laser for hair removal. If you are serious about hair removal, laser is a more specific treatment and has a better safety profile.

Clearskincare Macquarie Centre

There have been many advances over the years in the speed and comfort of laser hair removal treatments, if you’ve had a wax you’ve had worse! Permanent hair removal is not only more comfortable but a lot faster than shaving or waxing.

Winter is always the perfect time to start. Ditch the razor and painful waxing and spend your holidays doing the things you love with confidence!

Let’s face it, body hair in general plays a pretty big role in our everyday life. In a society where flawless and hairless skin is not only preferred but expected, some of us go to extreme lengths to ensure that every inch of our body is fuzz free.

Kim Kardashian says: “staying pretty and permanent hair removal are intertwined”. Both Kim and Eva Longoria swear by professional grooming and love permanent hair removal.

Eva quoted to Famous magazine: “It makes sex better, I love it, I swear by it. Every woman should try a Brazilian once. And the sex they have afterwards will make them keep coming back.”


Clearskincare invites you into their Macquarie Centre clinic to experience a FREE underarm laser hair removal permanent hair reduction treatment. You’ll find us as Macquarie Shopping Centre, Shop 1102, Level 1 Upper.


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