Review: KIN By Us, Macquarie Park

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by Sandy Chan (follow her drool-worthy Instagram here!)


Kin means family and that’s the vibe that this café aims to bring its customers. Yummy, homely food that touches your soul so you come back for more. Before you know it, you then become part of their family.

Kin By Us Macquarie Park Kin By Us Macquarie Park


Uel and Shanelle opened this little gem in February 2015. Hence the name, KIN by us, the “us” is their initials (clever right?!). The names may ring a bell as they were contestants on the hit show My Kitchen Rules in 2014. The couple made it into the top 9 and have been working hard on their joint venture. I have visited this café a few times and each time both Uel and Shanelle were there slaving away in the kitchen and working the floor. Yet the couple are never too busy to have a chat or take the occasional selfie with a MKR fan.

The café is spacious and well decorated with various ornaments from their parents’ home. The open kitchen and a long share table in front of it which aims to provide the customer with an experience of eating in someone’s home. There are also plenty of other tables but the place fills up quickly on Saturdays so get in early!

Kin By Us Macquarie Park Kin By Us Macquarie Park


Staying true to their shared Singaporean and Indonesian heritage, KIN offers up an Asian inspired menu but with modern café-style food. The menu also changes each season so they urge you to “come early, come often”. Compared to other cafes, it is more on the pricey side and portions may be a bit small for some, however the flavours do make up for it!

My go to item on the menu is the “Miso Yummy”. It must be a popular one too as it has survived all the menu changes that this café has undergone in the past two years. The salmon is perfectly cooked and literally melts in your mouth. There’s been a recent new addition called “Avokadavo” and it will definitely satisfy those that love a good dose of avo in the morning.


Kin By Us Macquarie Park


KIN uses a Reuben Hill blend for their coffees and you can order coffee by the bowl! Yes, tired mamas out there who are severely sleep deprived, you can order a whole BOWL of liquid gold. I almost asked for a spoon to drink it! There are other exciting drinks such as the Nutella Mocha, Milo Dinosaur Shake and if you’re game enough, the Durian Affogato. Durian is a very popular fruit amongst the Asian culture but it is definitely an acquired taste!


Kin By Us Macquarie Park


KIN doesn’t have a kid’s menu but they do have space for prams and high-chairs for the kiddies if required.

Parking around KIN can be tricky. There is street parking across the road but this means you need to cross a very busy Herring Rd to get to the café. Not recommended if you have kids in tow! However, KIN is located approximately 600m from Macquarie Shopping Centre so best to make use of the 3hr free parking and walk to KIN.

Although KIN has been in operation for well over 2 years some locals are still not aware of this local gem that’s tucked away in Macquarie Park. The service is always great and we always leave with a full and happy tummy. Definitely worth a try if you haven’t already discovered KIN by us.


Opening Hours

Mon-Sat: 7am-3pm (Kitchen closes at 2:30pm)

Closed Sundays

*** Kin takes reservations for weekdays. You can book online via their website or alternatively by phone.


Finding KIN by us

Address: 2 Saunders Close, Macquarie Park (Cnr Herring Rd and Saunders Close).

Approximately 600m from Macquarie Shopping Centre.