Is Your Balcony Safe?

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by Hollie Bell

If a toddler has been quiet for more than a few minutes it’s usually time to investigate. Sometimes that means they’re up to no good and if you live in an apartment with a balcony or even a multi-storey house then seconds might separate safety from disaster.

As parents of young children we juggle countless demands each and every day. You can’t have eyes in the back of your head especially when that balcony is just another tempting thing your toddler is keen on exploring…

Every year 50 people fall from buildings across Australia, often with serious or fatal consequences.

With more of us living in high rise apartments with balconies and young kids how do you dissuade your adventurous toddler from climbing that rail?

Until now the solution was either very expensive or very impractical; lock the balcony to prevent access, or erect netting or bars.

Here’s a simple solution. Anti Grabbity is transparent and blends in with your balcony. Unlike bars and nets, it can be easily installed and removed – anyone can do it.

Textured “prickles” that can’t cut or puncture but are uncomfortable when weight bearing will stop any errant toddler from attempting to climb a balcony, or a chest of drawers for that matter. A simple way to safeguard with no fuss.

Read more about it in this recent article from the Canberra Times.

Hollie from Anti Grabbity is giving away a free kit to 1 lucky reader. Simply comment below to enter. Go whip out your tape measures!

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