Have You Ever Wondered What Makes Children Succeed in Life?

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Dr Fong, curriculum lead consultant and writer of the Singapore Maths books (My Pals are Here Maths) widely used in Singapore, the UK (Inspire Maths), the US (Math in Focus) and 50 other countries, academician and founder of the BrainBuilder™ learning centres shared with us and educational experts on the key characteristics that make children successful:

“Children need to have creative and critical thinking skills to succeed in life”

Regardless of what career they choose, it is a matter of whether they have creative and critical thinking skills; but of course, children aren’t born with these skills, and as with any skill, they can be developed in children. The question is how…

In his experience and research, Dr Fong concluded that students can develop creative and critical thinking skills through Mathematical problem solving when using the right methods; this is because to trigger creativity there has to be a provocation, meaning children have to be provoked with questions that make them start thinking creatively and critically, while teachers encourage them to explore different alternatives and think critically in the procedure to solve the problem.

Raising a question such as: “I have a glass ball; I drop it to the floor. What would happen to the glass ball?” can trigger simple answers such as: “The ball will break” to more creative and critical answers from students.

“Every student is able to develop creative and critical thinking skills”

So how can our children develop creative and critical thinking skills?

At BrainBuilder™ Learning Centres, Dr Fong has carefully designed programs to equip students with critical and creative higher order thinking skills (HOTS), using the successfully proven Singapore Maths methods, students are continuously challenged, intellectually stimulated and encouraged by teachers to look at different methods to solve one single problem.

BrainBuilder™ programs are targeted to children at all levels.

Whether they are gifted students that need to be challenged and motivated to unlock their potential or if they need to build up their confidence by filling knowledge gaps and developing a strong maths foundation and excel beyond their current level.

At our holiday programs, our hands-on activities engage the children with creative and critical thinking skills whilst learning mathematical concepts.


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