Gowrie Ryde Vacation Care – December / January School Holidays

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đŸ« Located at St Charles Catholic Primary School 582 Victoria Road Ryde


Why Gowrie Ryde Vacation Care?

Are you tired of hearing ‘I’m bored’ each school holidays? Or wrangling friends and family to mind your children while you work?

A good quality vacation care program benefits both children and parents. It provides stability and entertainment, giving parents space and the opportunity to breathe. And work.

Gowrie’s Ryde Vacation Care daily program offers an action-packed schedule of hands-on creativity, exploration, investigation, and fun! From art & drama to science and sports, music, environmental projects and more.

We also have Vacation Care / Holiday Programs at the following centres in the Ryde surrounds.

Our program is built on positive interactions, enriching experiences, and provides a safe, happy and empowering environment. It is guided by ‘My Time, Our Place’, the National Curriculum Framework for School Age Care in Australia and revised each school holiday period – built on children’s interests, their input and developmental age. The program includes a mix of incursions, excursions and in-house activities.

Here is the program for the Summer School Holidays.

Real social. Not screen social!

Vacation care encourages face to face group activities, like sports and team games. Interacting with other children means that they will develop skills in;

  • communication
  • conflict resolution
  • empathy skills
  • confidence and resilience.

Qualified ‘fun’ Educators

Gowrie Vacation Care programs are delivered by a team of professional educators and support staff, dedicated to providing a high-quality fun and engaging program in a nurturing, stimulating and supportive environment.

Our qualified Vacation Care educators;

  • Encourage children’s curiosity, exploration and problem solving
  • Value and respect children’s ideas and questions
  • Support children to build positive relationships with others
  • Respect the individuality of all children

Casual or full time

Children don’t need to attend the school to register for their Vacation Care Programme.

Bookings can be casual (daily), or full time.

Government rebates apply as per the Federal Government’s Child Care Subsidy program. Find their handy subsidy calculator here.

What’s included?

Our action-packed, fun and engaging daily program, and a healthy afternoon tea.


It’s easy to enrol in Gowrie NSW Vacation Care.

Simply fill out the online form to register or call 0497 997 233

Government rebates apply as per the Federal Government’s Child Care Subsidy program. Find their handy subsidy calculator here.