Gary (Gaurav) Patni – City of Ryde, Central Ward

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Supporting Candidates

Jordan Hodgson, Amie Narain, Vishal Singal

Are you part of or have you been part of a political party? If so, which one? 

Yes, I am a member of Liberal Party, but I have not sought endorsement from Liberal Party and am contesting as an Independent. Other candidates on my ticket are not members of any political party. I strongly believe that party politics should be kept out of local government. If I am elected, I will continue to be governed by my personal values and principles focused on community interests, unconstrained by Liberal Party Federal or State policies. I will seek to build multi partisan consensus with all Councillors, especially on issues such as climate change, and reconciliation.

Tell us a bit about you and your team. What’s your day job?        

Gary is a local resident and a proud father of two. A digital innovation advisor, entrepreneur, and screen actor by profession, Gary is also a multicultural ambassador, and a member of the City of Ryde’s Reconciliation Action Working Group.
Jordan is a third generation Ryde resident, and a management consultant by profession. As a lifelong member of the community, Jordan has volunteered with local scouting and sporting clubs, and is actively involved with environment and climate change action groups and neighbourhood watch.
Amie is a professional yoga teacher, and artist.
Vishal is a technology professional.

What are some things you love about living in the area?    

So many things that I personally love! It’s such a great place to shop, eat, and play, with an abundance of conveniently located shopping centres, nature reserves, and sporting facilities. But the aspect I love the most is the multicultural community of Ryde. We are fortunate to have such a rich variety of traditions and cultures, and so much to celebrate!

What do you believe to be the 3 main issues affecting our community?  

  1. Decrease in our green cover because of unsustainable development
  2. Lack of support for migrants in our community Lack of transparency in Council decision making
  3. Toxic party politics that plagues progress – we need multi partisan support for issues that matter to the community.

What are the 3 key things you plan to achieve?       

  1. Advocate for strong measures to protect our bushland habitats from encroaching development and ensure that all new developments have adequate green space.
  2. Introduce a structured approach to facilitate language and cultural integration for migrants in our local community.
  3. Overhaul Council’s Reconciliation Action Plan to create meaningful opportunities for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.
  4. Create an Integrity and Oversight Committee composed of residents to overlook decisions and actions at Ryde Council.
  5. Utilise digital technology to enable seamless access and participation of our community members in Council matters.

What about your long term vision for the area?      

Our shared vision for City of Ryde: A liveable and prosperous Ryde where people, families, businesses, and communities can thrive A healthy and safe Ryde that promotes sustainable development—not over-development An inclusive and united Ryde that embraces and celebrates social diversity A culturally and environmentally responsible Ryde that protects and enhances our heritage and natural treasures A transparent and collaborative Ryde that places the wider community at the heart of all decisions — not party politics.

Other Comments

As independent candidates, Gary Patni and Jordan Hodgson aspire to put the local community interests – not party politics – at the heart of all council decisions. According to a recent survey by RMIT University, Ryde area’s green cover has decreased by 4.5% since 2016. Gary and Jordan strongly believe that sustainable development should be the topmost priority for the City of Ryde. With 47% of people living in the City of Ryde having been born overseas and 11% having arrived in the last 5 years, another key priority for Gary and Jordan is to help build an inclusive and united Ryde that supports, embraces and celebrates social diversity. Building a transparent and collaborative culture at Ryde Council is a fundamental priority for Gary and Jordan. They plan to create an Integrity and Oversight Committee, comprising of residents, to overlook decisions and actions at Ryde Council.

Contact: Ryde@GaryPatni.com0415 758 346


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