Wild Kindy

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Wild Kindy offers children the opportunity to learn through bush play.

We offer two programs: Wild Explorers and Wild Play

Wild Explorers: Primary Aged Children enjoy a morning of learning new skills and everlasting memories. Each Session after our welcome, our adventures begin. Children will enjoy a Bushwalk with nature activities.   We will facilitate eco- craft, hapa zone, den building and learning how to use REAL tools.

Wild Play: Our play sessions run for 1.5hours, during School Terms.  The program is hands on, full of child led fun suitable for 2.5years to 5 years.  We start with each session with Storytime, nature games and then the fun part, we break into 100% child led nature play. We will facilitate and provide some inspiration – Tool play, cubby building, exploring, rock climbing, mud play, bush walking, eco art (clay or charcoal) are just some of the many play ideas that may evolve during our sessions.

At each Wild session your child will:

  • Make new discoveries
  • Connect with friends and nature
  • Improve their Balance
  • Gain Confidence
  • Build Resilience
  • Learn how to manage risk and problem solve

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