Childcare Tour: Cressy Road Early Learning, Ryde

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Cressy Road Early Learning has been an integral part of the local community for more than 30 years, providing quality care and early education to children in their authentically homely centre. It has recently merged with Top Ryde Early Learning, culminating in a beautiful combination of all the best parts of each centre. The centre now features new learning equipment, new learning programs, veggie gardens, chickens and more.

Occupying a half-acre of land within two homes, Cressy Road Early Laarning is located opposite Holy Cross College, close to Victoria Road. Although very discreet from the front, once inside you’ll find an Aladdin’s cave of wonders!


It’s clear from our tour that the passion of the staff at Cressy Road Early Learning plays a huge part in the success of their service and the level of care they provide.

Staff are highly qualified and go to every effort to ensure all children build secure, strong attachments with the people caring for them. Many of the educators have been there for a number of years, sharing their diverse cultures and language skills. Manager Nesha also sits on many boards and committees for Early Childhood Education.

Play-based Learning

Cressy Road Early Learning has a strong focus on secure, respectful and reciprocal relationships with children and families, contingent on the understanding that children only learn when they feel safe. They aim to make learning fun and experiential so that children associate learning with pleasure. 

The learning program follows emerging topics that interest the children, including a mix of activities and experiences which are child-initiated and teacher-led. They believe children learn and develop best when exploring their world through stimulating and challenging play.

The centre provides opportunities for children to reach their potential in the areas of physical abilities, expressive arts, problem-solving, mathematical skills, language and literacy – and most importantly the ability to develop and maintain relationships and to make wise decisions. They also offer a transition to school preschool program.

In the Nursery, babies enjoy their own cottage made up of a large, sunny playroom, two beautiful cot rooms, a nappy change room, a separate bottle preparation area and their own gorgeous balcony. The team follow practices that result in a calm environment for little ones to develop their agency and independence. This is achieved through strong, genuine relationships with their key caregiver.


Cressy Road Early Learning has developed a number of programs to enhance the learning experience for children including a Bush Kindy program, monthly sports and storytime days, STEM and Ecology + Sustainability program. Each offers practical and physical ways to get involved, ensuring the learning is both fun and a whole-body experience. Activities include building with natural material collected in the garden, performing science experiments, participating in recycling, composting and worm farming and more. 

Back Garden

The expansive gardens at Cressy Road Early Learning are unrivalled, complete with a visual arts room, enormous sandpits, amphitheatre, fishing bridge, veggie gardens and chickens!

The large undercover area provides children with additional outdoor space in all weather.  Here the children may access a wide range of materials to create with:  art resources, natural elements collected from the garden, building blocks, Lego and more.  A dedicated dining area for meals and cooking experiences is also found outside.

The open, mature gardens have loads of natural shade and are perfect for exploring, nature watching, running, playing games, building forts and of course enjoying some quiet time.  The naturalist child will be at one, connecting with the environment and experiencing the seasons in a hands-on, genuine way.  The service is fortunate to attract lots of native birds and insects. Staff encourage children to see the garden as a shared space where they co-exist with native wildlife, in harmony.


  • Opening Hours: Mon-Fri 7am-6pm
  • Age group: 6 weeks – 6 years
  • Location: 16-18 Cressy Road, Ryde
  • Phone98071726
  • Book a tour! Consider booking a “Twilight tour” after work when the service is a little less busy and your little one can enjoy discovering the wonderful benefits of Cressy Road Early Education