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1. What do you love most about Bennelong?

I love the people most….the different ethnic mixes of people … and the way that many people from different backgrounds are embracing people from other ethnic backgrounds, overcoming wariness and working , living and laughing together.


2. Tell us 3 interesting facts about yourself that we might not know. (Let’s make it fun & light-hearted!)

  • I was born in mainland China and became an Australian citizen 20 years ago in 1997.
  • I aim to live the following aspect of the Australian National Anthem

“For those who’ve come across the seas… with courage let us all combine to Advance Australia Fair”.

  • I’m married to my wonderful wife Renning. We have three precious children.

3. Which single issue affecting Bennelong is your highest priority to address? And how would you fix it?

Overcrowding of Primary and High Schools (see below—Question 5)


4. What other key objectives do you have for Bennelong? Please provide short-term (under 12 months) and long-term (up to 3/4 years). Please keep to a max of 4.

Below are issues that I believe are important for Bennelong residents as well as all Australians.


  • In the wake of the Same Sex Marriage vote and result it is imperative that FREEDOM remains as a Priority for ALL Australians. Both Malcolm Turnbull and Bill Shorten stated on 15th September, 2017 that they were committed to keeping as freedoms for all Australians

– Rights of Parents

– Freedom of Speech

– Freedom of Religion

Therefore, protections need to be secured within the changing marriage legislation. (Immediately)


  • AUSTRALIA’S NATION DEBT is presently nearly half a trillion dollars.

We are paying a Billion dollars each month in interest alone.

Neither Liberal or Labor Government appear to be doing anything to reduce this debt. Sadly they are both experts in increasing it.

WE need to reign in our national spending… Just like a family cannot live beyond its means without becoming bankrupt eventually ,, neither can Australia.

As a matter of priority we need to reduce our national debt. We believe one way to do this is to reduce the size of Big beaurocracy.

(3 /4 years)      

  • ENVIRONMENTAL – As a priority we need to protect our good agricultural soil for future generation, as well as the integrity of our water ways.

CDP SUPPORTS farmers and the right of farmers to keep their land free from the contamination caused by fracking to extract “coal seam gas”. (Now and long term).

  • INTEGRITY – Australians need and deserve politicians who have the best interest of Australians at heart. It seems that some politicians can be influenced by big dollar donations.. CDP will never sell out the people of Australia for any number of dollars.

Christian Democratic Party are committed to Australians as a priority. CDP will keep its integrity (CDP has demonstrated this integrity in NSW Parliament for 36 years) and will continue to have integrity.

(Now and long term).


5. There is so much demand on schools in our area – both primary and high schools. What do you plan to do in this vital area? Please answer for both primary and high schools as there are talks and rollouts for more primary than high schools and both will face increased demand. Why have plans and implementations been reactive versus proactive?

YES.. plans and implementations re Public Schools in Bennelong have been reactive rather than proactive. I believe that this is because the “mighty development dollar” has shouted loudly to politicians and beaurocrats.. tempting them to put profits before people. This means sadly that now schools are struggling with huge numbers of students and demountables, and correspondingly diminishing playground spaces.

Each Public School has its own story to tell…For example Epping West Public School has more than doubled in size over the last 10 years going from just over 500 students to over 1100 this year. This story is symptomatic.

What do we do about the problem now?

A many pronged answer is required that includes these ideas, and I’m pleased that there is movement by government to address these problems in part.

  • Build three storey classroom blocks ( eg Mowbray Rd PS)
  • Purchase adjoining land where possible (Meadowbank P.S to purchase City of Ryde adjoining land.)
  • Purchase back of Peter Board High School in Epping Road, North Ryde (Closed controversially by Labor)

Build a Primary and High School on this large site.

  • A Vertical High School is proposed as part of present Ivanhoe Estate land, off Herring Road, North Ryde.
  • Build a new school at Smalls Road (This idea was first publically proposed by Christian Democratic Party candidate, Julie Worsley, during the NSW State election 2015 Campaign. CDP is pleased that present member for Ryde is going ahead with this idea).
  • Re use some of TAFE land (See Street, Meadowbank) as a new school.


6. Every corner of a main road seems to have new high rise apartments being built with no concern for the already struggling roads & demand on local services. What is your opinion on this and how do you plan to tackle it if you are elected?

OVERDEVELOPMENT in Bennelong is a huge Issue and one that Christian Democratic Party has been actively fighting since 2010, when we lead the 2 and half year battle to stop high rise in Allengrove Cres / Epping Rd,. North Ryde. Due to Community rallying, protesting and submissions the proposed 11 storey height was reduced to a maximum if 5 storeys ..( a small victory for the residents).

The main cause of the multiplying high rise in Bennelong is the NSW State Government overriding local Council zoning control and allowing High rise to rise.

Main road corridors are now almost completely full of High Rise.

If elected I will promise to do everything within my power to maintain all residential areas presently zoned R2 to remain R2; and to reduce zoning where possible from R3 to R2.


7. Following on from the high rise apartments that are being built everywhere, what is your projection for population growth, what impact do you foresee this has on the economy and how can you reassure the people of Bennelong that there will be appropriate transport, health and education support for this population growth? The reason we ask this question is because someone is approving all these high rise buildings, what is the benefit to the residents who already live here?

Clearly if the number of residences double the population is likely to double. Building of the economy is good, however it always has to be balanced with amenity of the suburb and life style of families.

Regarding the economy there are pros and cons—It’s good to produce jobs in the all industries.. Building helps to do this, with lots of knock on effects for retail. But whether it will help local residents in the long term or not depends on the skill set of the resident and the small businesses that grow up in the expanding areas.


8. What ideas do you have to push the federal government to improve the already struggling roads in our area which make peak time commuting so difficult and time-consuming?

The justification for building high rise is often that there are close train stations so everyone will travel by rail, which will reduce congestion on the road. Is this justification however, true in practice? Probably not as true as town planners would hope. The facts are that there is now more congestion on the road than ever before.

Only way to help our struggling roads is to continue to improve public transport to make it even more “user friendly” that it is, presently.


9. 2% of Bennelong residents voted No to marriage equality. How would you have voted in the parliament?

I was one who voted with the Majority of Bennelong residents on this issue. I voted “NO”. So I would have been in sync with my electorate by also voting “NO” in parliament.


10. There were 27,000 complaints to the telecommunications industry ombudsman in 2016-17 about the NBN. How would you go about fixing it?

My view is to allow NBN to be an option that people take up if they wish. NBN has become compulsory, and in my view is not as good as ADSL. I would solve this problem by making NBN optional for individuals and businesses.


11. Electricity prices seem to continually be increasing. What are you going to do about the rising costs of electricity? What are your thoughts on renewable energy and do you plans for renewable energy if elected?

Australia has a wealth of the very cheap power source …coal. I believe that Australia has to build more environmentally friendly, low emission coal fire power stations. This will provide cheap and reliable electricity for Australia.

(Japan is presently building 45 of these new low emission coal fire power stations.)


12. What is your position on disability and aged care services and Medicare?

We need to keep Medicare functioning.

Disability and Aged Care services – A society should be judged by how it cares for its most vulnerable members. We need to pour help and support into these sectors, and pay those who work in these sectors a wage to demonstrate that we value those who may have a disability or are aged. We need to pay care worker what teachers are paid.

How do we afford to pay disability and aged care workers what is right? By reducing our exorbitant national debt… and thereby saving 1 billion dollars per month on interest.