Waterloo Park, Marsfield

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Fitness. If you’re into it, you’re going to love this park. Grab your friend/mum/hubby or your baby jogger pram and head to Waterloo Park because it has a running track, some exercise equipment, a basketball court, a giant oval, soccer fields and a baseball diamond. I mean what more could all you fit people want?? 

As mentioned in nearly every other Park Spotlight, I (Jacqui) am spacially challenged. As such, I obviously wasn’t going to find the abundant parking off Trafalgar Place that was right next to the park, but my other two friends did and I’m sure you will too. It’s especially important that you park here if you want coffee – this carpark joins the Marsfield shops.

Waterloo Park, MarsfieldWaterloo Park, Marsfield

The park itself is fairly decent – there were two separate areas of which one looked to be for primary schoolers, and the other area was for littlies and toddlers. Equipment included:

  • climbing frame

  • swings

  • a little slide in the shape of an elephant

  • bucket/net swing

Other features include:

  • Under cover picnic tables

  • BBQ’s

  • Toilets (although they don’t look to be serviced as well as other parks in the area)

Overall, while the play equipment isn’t life changing, it’s a nice little park and one to check out next time you’re in the area!

RDM Rating

Age Range: 1 -7

Coffee close by – 1

Great equipment – 0

Bike/scooter track – 1

Other noteworthy feature/s – 1 (basketball court)

Can host a party (bbq, tables, toilets) – 1 (toilet wasn’t well serviced)

Gated / safe – 1 (safe)

TOTAL: 5 / 6

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