Tracey’s Tight Ass Tips – How to Get One Hot, Tight Ass

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Tracey has one hot tight ass – today she shares the secrets to how she got it!

  1. Heat the person not the house! Dress in layers, wear a beanie, wear socks made of natural fibers. There’s nothing worse than sweaty feet!
  2. Block draughts – time to buy a door snake perhaps. But don’t neglect other draughty spots like cat/dog flaps, post flaps, gaps around windows
  3. Use the sun; it’s free! Open your blinds/curtains to allow the sun to stream in. Then just before the sun goes down, shut the curtains to harness the heat that you’ve “captured”
  4. No need to set the thermostat to +30 degrees! If you’re dressed warm, have your air conditioning or gas heater set to 21-24 degrees to save on power. Each degree less will save about 10% on your energy use
  5. Use ceiling fans… Yes in winter!!! Remember year 7 science class? Hot air rises!!! Pointless keeping it all up there, turn your ceiling fans on to move that heat right through the room!
  6. Cook in your oven! Perfect time for a long slow braise in the oven. It will ensure your kitchen remains toasty warm and subsequently a warm tummy will ensue! 
  7. Clean the vents and filters on your air con to allow it access to fresh air to run more efficiently
  8. Put down a rug. Up to 10% of heat loss can be attributed to timber floor boards and even more for tiles!
  9. Use a timer. No need to run heating all day and night, just program it to heat your home and the required rooms when you need them
  10. Last but not least; insulate your home. It will cost money now but save you later and keep you warm in the meantime.


How do you save money in winter? Let us know!!