The Walk-in Specialist Emergency Clinic (WiSE) is Open

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The Walk-in Specialist Emergency Clinic (WiSE) in Macquarie Park is open 10am-10pm 7 days.

Don’t avoid seeking healthcare because of fears of COVID19. The WiSE Clinic continues to provide Specialist emergency care in a safe environment – for all non-respiratory needs.

Whether you’re injured, experiencing tummy pain or pregnancy concerns, our emergency physicians can see you quickly and away from the risk of viral infection.


Walk-in to WiSE for

  • Cuts, fractures, falls, other injuries
  • Early pregnancy complications (<20weeks)
  • Infections, cellulitis
  • Abdominal pains & suspected appendicitis
  • Atypical chest pains
  • Migraines/headaches/vertigo/ENT
  • Learn more here


Opening hours

  • WiSE Clinic & WiSE Radiology
  • 10am-10pm
  • 7 days a week
  • Bulk-billed Radiology available
  • For Iron infusions, CT & Ultrasounds, specialist clinics (Fracture clinic, physiotherapy, cardiology) Please call reception to make a booking


Respiratory symptoms

NEW Australian Govt – Ryde Respiratory Clinic – 1st of the 100 Federal govt initiative to support patients with Respiratory illness.

If you are experiencing a cough, runny nose, fever, a sore throat or trouble breathing please do not present to the WiSE Specialist Emergency Clinic.

The WiSE Specialist Emergency Clinic team is working with the Commonwealth Department of Health and Northern Sydney Primary Health Network to establish a Primary Care Respiratory Clinic adjacent to, but totally separate from the regular WiSE Specialist Emergency Clinic.

The Respiratory clinic will be available to assess people with mild-moderate respiratory symptoms and test and diagnose cases including COVID-19, influenza and pneumonia.

It aims to take the pressure off local emergency departments who will need to prioritise severe cases, and relieve pressure on local general practices, so that they can continue to safely care for patients for non-respiratory related conditions.

Please go to our specialist Respiratory Clinic located separately to the WiSE Clinic. Learn more here