The Best Water Parks in Sydney!

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Boy, are we lucky! Water parks are a great way to cool off coming into summer and our Councils have built some fabulous (and FREE) ones for our kiddies to enjoy. Check out which ones we consider to be the best water parks in Sydney!


Putney Water Park 

Pellisier Road, Putney
Parking: Car park and street parking
Shelter: Sunshades over water area and lots of trees
Toilets: Yes

This water park doesn’t have spraying fountains, but rather 2 little ponds and a creek on a small pebbly hill that joins them. It’s great for toddlers as it has shallow water, however there’s a 2-3 story slide for the bigger kids to enjoy as well!  There is also plenty of grass nearby with trees for a picnic and a playground with a HUGE climbing frame. A great way to cool off by the river and it’s all in one area so easy to keep an eye on your kids. TOP TIP: Take some plastic buckets for the kids to play with.




Dundas Water Park 

Corner of Yates Road and Quarry Road, Dundas
Parking: Street parking
Shelter: Sunshades over water area and lots of trees but they aren’t huge trees!
Toilets: Yes, across the grass field

This water park is so great! It has equipment for kids of all ages. For younger kids there are lower, gentle water sprays – both coming from the ground and from small poles. The water drains away quickly so great for early walkers and kids not stable on their feet. The other side of the water park has buckets that fill up and then turn and splash everywhere. There are water rings to run through and a number of other fun features our kids loved. 

There is also a fabulous little playground right beside the water park and a big field beside it with picnic tables, BBQs and seating. It has it all!

The water park operates from 9am to 8pm September to May. During winter it could be a great scooter area for kids.




James Ruse Water Park 

Harris Street, Parramatta
Parking: Car park and street parking
Shelter: Sunshades over water area and some small trees
Toilets: Yes, 2 port-a-loo’s which were clean and in good condition

This is another action packed water park with an area perfect for younger kids as well as an area for older kids. It has spinning water features, fountains, water rings to run through and more. The water doesn’t drain as quickly as some water parks so there is a little pooling of water.

There is some seating on the concrete border, as well as chairs and the grass areas surrounding it. There is a skate park if you have older kids and a fun playground with a pretty cool climbing rope frame, slides and swings – for when the kids are dry!



The Playground Darling Harbour

Darling Quarter, 1–25 Harbour Street, Sydney
Parking:  Paid parking station, however public transport is your best bet! Get the train or ferry in for $2.50 (Sundays only) – the kids will love it.
Shelter: Nothing over the water area but there are other designated shade areas
Toilets: Yes

This park gets super busy. If you have 2 or more young kids you may want to ensure there is a 1:1 adult to child ratio as the kids can easily run to different areas and with lots of people and lots of things to do, it is hard to keep track. This park is a really fun park with lots of places for water interaction. Kids can redirect water in the water roads, lift little flaps, and bring water up through tubes and splash about. Conveniently, there is a big playground right beside it (but watch the water and sand combination!). There is a huge slide and if you’re game, lots of cafes, restaurants and of course the good old fairground carousel.



Pirramara Park 

20 Pirrama Rd, Pyrmont
Parking: Car park and street parking
Shelter: Sunshades over water area and lots of trees
Toilets: Yes

This lovely water play park is on the water itself in Pyrmont. It has lots of water spouts for kids to enjoy and a park adjacent for kids to climb, play and burn off some energy while you relax (dare we say it!).



Blaxland Riverside Park 

Jamieson St, Newington/Silverwater
Parking: Carpark. Can be hard to get parking!
Shelter:  Small amounts of shade – no shade over water area
Toilets: Yes

This water park is part of a huge and awesome playground that you could spend the whole day at!  Beyond the water park, there are lots of swings, climbing frames, flying foxes and fun galore! There is lots of grass nearby and little umbrellas to have a picnic if you can get one. This is a great playground for older kids. 

HOT TIP – pick your times carefully as the slides are in the sun and can get very hot and the water play area is small but has no shade. Also, parking on a weekend is hard work unless you arrive early.



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