Suburban Paddock: Farmers Market Produce – Home Delivered!

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Late last year a lady called Heidi Rookyard started a business called Suburban Paddock because she realised that between her and her mates in the region, they pretty much had a whole farmers market worth of fresh produce covered. “They” are a group of farmers based in Mudgee, Orange and Dubbo who supply fresh produce direct from their farms.

Once Heidi realised this, she rallied the troops and all the farmers joined forces to create a most beautiful business of delivering fresh and artisan produce straight to our doors. Suburban Paddock prides themselves on providing food that is ethically and sustainably produced and of the freshest and highest quality. 



Heidi and her husband are the lamb farmers, then there’s the cheesemakers, the dairy producers, the happy Hen farmers.. the list goes on. We, Jess and Jacqui, ordered online recently and absolutely loved our delivery treasure chest – exhibits A & B below. You can’t see the 1kg RAW honey that we both ordered but it is DELICIOUS and only $12! The lamb cutlets were priced well (similar to supermarket prices) and were SO GOOD. The eggs had amazing colour and are from a farm with only 3 hens per hectare. The chocolate is made in Mudgee and pretty much demands to be finished in one sitting (yes it’s a block!).


Buying from Suburban Paddock means:

  • supporting NSW farmers directly (no middleman)
  • having food delivered to your door
  • eating produce that is about as fresh as it can get
  • reducing your carbon footprint (low food miles)

You can order anything you’d find at a farmers market – ORDER NOW!

Order by 12pm each Monday for delivery by Friday (delivery is free on orders over $85). 

Not ready to order today? Try signing up to their (spam free) mailing list and that way you’ll also receive $10 off your first order (visit the website and wait for the newsletter pop-up).


Final Thoughts

Heidi, the owner, is lovely – she’s one of those friendly people that make the world a nicer place to live. She provided us with great customer service and the quality of our order was very good. A great experience all round.


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