Winning the Homework War – April School Holidays Guide

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Bookings now open for our School Holiday information session + course!
A program about chores & homework for primary & junior high school students…! 

🔥Do your kids leave all their homework until the night before it’s due?
🔥Spend more time fighting about homework than the time it takes to get it done?
🔥Have kids who don’t know what chores are, or refuse to do them?

You need Winning the Homework War!
Nip fights about homework + chores in the bud!

WTHW combines the best of organisation & life skills + martial arts to create confident, happy kids who are self-starters. Don’t take our word for it, visit our website to read our testimonials;

Our 90-minute workshop will have you ready to take on even the biggest procrastinators, mess makers + chore avoiders!
Next program intake starts Week 1, Term 2 2019