14 Local Scooter & Bike Tracks

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There are loads of scooter and bike tracks (and pram tracks too, really!) in the area for you and your kids to enjoy. Here’s a list of our faves, in alphabetical order!


Bicentennial Park, Concord West

Wow, this is a big park – all 40 acres of it, but there is a lot to see and do and great for a family day out that does not feel like you are in metro Sydney! Make sure you enter via Victoria Avenue, Concord West, as the playground with mini scooter/bike track is there (complete with a mini roundabout and other street signs painted on the ground!). Learn more in our Park Spotlight.


Blenheim Park

Blenheim Road, North Ryde

Not only is there is a large scooter/bike track at Blenheim Park but the playground it surrounds is awesome to boot! Take some sausages for a sausage sizzle while the kids exhaust themselves! Learn more here


Boronia Park

37 Bridge St, Epping

This park is a family favourite for so many reasons. Yes, it has a scooter/bike track but also has various playgrounds to suit different aged kids, toilets, BBQ facilities, great shade, soft fall ground. Learn more in our Park Spotlight.



Buffalo Creek Reserve

Pittwater Road, Hunters Hill

As part of its recent renovation, a scooter track was added to the playground complete with stop signs, lanes and other fun features. Unfortunately, the parking is now metred but still worth a visit as it’s a fun one for kids and the playground has a shade sail. 


Darrell Park – Chatham Road, Denistone

This park has a playground with shade sail, toilets, BBQ facilities and of course the bike/scooter track. Um hello.. convenience, family entertainment and all the facilities rolled into one! Learn more here.

                    Darvall Park, Denistone

George Kendall Reserve, Ermington

This is a newly built parkland along the Parramatta River and it’s a beautiful spot. You can sit on the water’s edge and watch the ferries go by or play in the playground or scooter/cycle along the straight and flat cycle/walkway! We wrote more about it here.


Parramatta River Path


Jim Walsh Park

Graham Avenue, Eastwood

Jim Walsh Park has a big scooter/bike track and also has a lot of shady trees with some minor slopes to get some speed! It also has a creek, playground, BBQs, toilets and lots of grass to play on. It’s actually perfect for parties! Learn more in our Park Spotlight.


Lions Park

Victoria Road, West Ryde

Whilst on Victoria Road, the front of the park that faces Victoria Road is fenced and parking/main access is from Shaftsbury Road. There is a great range of play equipment here plus a very flat cycle/scooter path for the kids. The park is fairly new as well! Learn more in our Park Spotlight.



Morrison Bay Park

Morrison Road, Putney

Down by Parramatta River in Putney, you will find Morrison Bay Park. While there are some swings, it’s mainly a sports field that has a great path for bike riding and scootering.  Learn more here.


Parramatta River Cycleway

From Rydalmere to Putney/Kissing Point

Wow, this is a big path. This track starts at Rydalmere Wharf and goes all the way up to Kissing Point Wharf. There are a few parks along the way too. You can view a map of the whole area here.


Pioneer Park

Balaclava Road, Marsfield

Pioneer Park is mainly a sports field with an older playground but it does have a scooter/bike track as well as BBQs, picnic areas and toilets. Learn more here.


Ryde Park

Blaxland Road, Ryde

This may be our fave option. Not only is there a playground and a brand new scooter track with all the bells and whistles, but there is also a basketball court, grass to run around on and a cafe to grab that special takeaway coffee! #bliss. Learn more in our Park Spotlight.


Ryde Park


Santa Rosa Park to Macquarie Park business hub

This park feels like a totally different part of Sydney and we bet many of you don’t know its there! It’s like a rainforest – you can see lizards, birds, fish, creek/rivers and a lot of natural vegetation. It’s amazing that it’s in our local area. You can start at Santa Rosa Park and cycle or scooter on the track as far down as Epping Road at Macquarie Park. It’s fairly flat with just a few small hills along the way. It’s really quite lovely! Learn more here.


Yamble Reserve

Quarry Road, Ryde

One of the most popular parks in the area and rightfully so! It’s a fenced park with shaded areas, lots of equipment including the famous flying fox and water pump at the sand area! Around the playground is the scooter/bike track – there are some minor hills but a family fave for more reasons than one! Learn more in our Park Spotlight.