Roy Maggio, City of Ryde- East Ward

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Supporting Candidates

Janine Ligato, Lina Candy and Amos Anastasiadis


Are you part or have you been part of a political party? If so, which one? 



Tell us a bit about you and your team?  What’s your day job?        

First elected to the City of Ryde Council in 2008, the father of four children, Councilor Maggio was born and raised in the City of Ryde. A self-employed consultant to the electrical industry, he is passionate about sporting opportunities within the community, coaching junior sports teams and promoting wellbeing as part of the community culture. Some of his major achievements include the introduction of a youth Summit at Macquarie University, a City of Ryde Sports Lighting Program across all parks, defibrillators for sporting venues, synthetic action plan, sports grants and a “no smoking” campaign in his commitment to promote safety and wellbeing in the City of Ryde. Clr Roy Maggio has launched a range of community based events including the Winter Sleep out, Christmas lighting program, the Moon Festival and the Ryde Roller Coaster run just to name a few. He has advocated and delivered a youth family recreational space /skate park and initiated the Eastwood library mural as a form of artistic expression.

As a community focussed councillor, Clr Maggio is strongly committed to improving facilities and service standards particularly in relation to open spaces in the Ryde area, ensuring safe places for children to play. He is a strong advocate of developing partnerships with external organisations, supporting the local schools and the youth, broadening community engagement as well ensuring financial responsibility. Overall, his vision is to deliver innovative solutions that will translate to the best possible outcomes, as part of his commitment to serve the City of Ryde. During 2013/2014, Clr Maggio proudly served as the Mayor of Ryde and as the Deputy Mayor in 2009/2010, 2014/2015 and 2015/2016. In 2014/2015, Councillor Maggio chaired the Works and Community Committee and was a member of the Ryde Civic Hub Committee, Macquarie Park Forum, Ryde Youth Council, the Sport and Recreation and Wheeled Sports Advisory Committee, Planning Environment Committee and the Status of Women Advisory Committee.

Janine Ligato is standing as an Independent candidate for Ryde Council for the first time in 2017.  Janine has lived in Ryde since 1998 with her husband and two children.  She previously enjoyed a career in Finance and Banking for more than 15 years where she managed large scale, multi-million dollar operations and projects both in Australia and abroad. Janine is a community focused individual as demonstrated through her service to local organisations.  She is a Director of Gladesville Ravens Sports Club, a member of the Gladesville Public School P&C and has been an active supporter of Lymphoma Australia, the Leukeamia Foundation and the Chris O’Brien Lifehouse. Janine is passionate about improving the services and facilities available to the Ryde community, in particular the sporting grounds and facilities.  Her strong background in fiscal management would be an asset to the Council in guiding and promoting the delivery of new services and initiatives that are both feasible and prudent. As an independent, Janine presents a vision for Ryde focused on our local community above politics.


What are some things you love about living in the area?

First and foremost I love being part of the tight-knit community we have here is Ryde.  We have amazing outdoor spaces for sport, exercise, leisure and social events.  Our schools offer our children the best opportunities both in academic and extra-curricular activities.


What do you believe to be the 3 main issues affecting our community?   

Our community is growing and would benefit significantly from a strategic plan to address all the infrastructure and requirements of our growing population.  Residents want to be engaged, consulted and communicated with by Councils to ensure the services offered meet there needs and requirements.  There are so many under-utilised resources and spaces in Ryde which have the potential to offer all our residents positive spaces and activities.


What are the 3 key things you plan to achieve?       

  1. Better engagement with residents, more communication and active consultation
  2. A strategic vision and clear direction for Ryde and the services offered by Council.
  3. Wider offering of inclusive activities and programs for the wellbeing of our children, youth, adults and senior citizens.


What about your long term vision for the area?

The formulation of a clear strategy and direction for Ryde will make articulation and representing our priorities clearer.  Through clear communication we can lobby state government to support us on matters that impact our community.


How do you plan to influence state policy that impacts on our community?          

The formulation of a clear strategy and direction for Ryde will make articulation and representing our priorities clearer.  Through clear communication we can lobby state government to support us on matters that impact our community.


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