Bec’s Top Mamaway Purchases for Bub #3 + RDM DISCOUNT

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by Rebecca Lee (local mum and original “Go Button” pusher of the Ryde District Mums Facebook group)


Earlier this year we found out that a surprise package will be arriving at our house in January 2020. We’re having a baby – number 3!

Our youngest is 3.5 years old and I had already shed the vast majority of maternity and baby gear that we used for him and his sister. This time, I didn’t have the time or patience to visit a heap of stores (especially with the 3yr old in tow), which all seem to be miles away, looking for all the bits and pieces, only to have my foggy overloaded brain clouded by all the latest (and pretty unnecessary) gadgets and gizmos.

I knew what we truly needed so when it was suggested that I give the newly opened Mamaway a try- given it was local at Macquarie Centre I thought it was a pretty easy solution. (FYI it’s on the BIG W level opposite Dymocks & Lowes). 


RDM Discount

Before we go any further, Jacqui & Jess of Ryde District Mums have organised a discount for RDMs shopping at Mamaway – $30 off when you spend $300 and it can be used in conjunction with other offers. Just mention Ryde Distrct Mums to access the discount! 🙂



When I walked inside Mamaway, I was initially surprised that it was such a small shop. How could one place in a shop front have all the things that a warehouse-type store would have? After looking around, I could see that most of the items on my list could be ticked off:

  • Clothes for me and Bub ✔️
  • Bras, undies and feeding accessories like a breast pump,  feeding pillow, maternity and  breast pads ✔️
  • Post-pregnancy support belts ✔️
  • Swaddles, wraps and bedding ✔️
  • Baby bag ✔️

The friendly ladies who greeted me were more than happy to explain how things like the support belt worked and ensured that all my questions were answered. I spent a while playing around with just about everything in the store and here were my Top 5 Essential finds:


My Top 5 Products 


1. Breast Pump

  • Can be used in single or double mode
  • The only breast pump I have seen that warms the breast shields to mimic babies body temperature. Nice on those icy winter nights!
  • Ridiculously quiet… no “milking the cow” sounds to spare you your dignity
  • 16 suction levels and let down mode
  • Dishwasher safe and BPA free bottles

See the Breast Pump here.


2. Feeding Pillow
Nobody tells you that the sleepless nights begin long before your new baby is placed in your arms. Pregnancy is almost a nocturnal event, with frequent trips to the toilet, hip and pelvic pain, hot restless legs, and just a general feeling of discomfort in what is meant to be the comfiest space in the house. Mamaway’s Hypoallergenic Maternity Support & Nursing Pillow was the winner of the 2017 Mother & Baby Awards Most Popular Nursing Pillow, and I absolutely can see why. It can be used as a body pillow during pregnancy or clipped into a moon shape as a feeding pillow later on. It is made from unique Hypoallergenic, medical-grade foam, which is breathable and antibacterial so it won’t get smelly once milk lands on it. The foam is also quite firm and rebounds well. I got it FYI! And it matches my current bedding!

Check out the Feeding Pillow here.


3. Support Belt
Mamaway has two support belts available- during or post-pregnancy. The Ergonomic Support belt, for use during pregnancy,  is very stretchy, and wraps around your hips, almost as if it’s scooping up your bump and holding it there. I tried it on in-store and the relief on my lower back was instant- and I didn’t even realise I was putting pressure on it! The Bamboo Post Natal Recovery belt is “designed to support your uterus, abdomen, pelvis, and back by applying compression on the pelvic and abdominal area to hold the expanded uterus wall, loose skin, and muscles back in place post-pregnancy.” Bamboo is nice and soft and breathable, so while I didn’t get to try this on, I could see it can be worn year-round. Both the Support Belt and Recovery Belt are TGA Approved medical garments. Mamaway provides a form for your GP to sign so you may be able to claim back some of its purchase price on your health insurance.

Check out the Support Belt here.


4. Dress
I felt very comfortable in this lovely forest green dress which is perfect for summer as it is or with a denim jacket and leggings underneath once the weather cools. The dress is nursing friendly so it will take you through to the other side in style! It also comes in a rusty orange which is really on-trend at the moment.

Check out the dress here.


5. Maternity bras and Undies
Half the back wall of the store is dedicated to maternity and nursing bras. 
My favourite was the Responsive Antibacterial bra. It is wireless, seamless, soft and stretchy (up to 3 cup sizes!!) with smooth cups which don’t show under T-shirts and singlets. You can remove the padding and pop in a nursing pad for absorption.  They come in 5 different colours and the straps are reasonably thin too so you don’t feel like you’re wearing one of Nanna’s bras. Matching undies are also available. They claim to be antibacterial and anti-odour, designed for comfort over or under the bump during pregnancy and post-natal wear (especially after a cesarean).

See the bras and undies here.


6. Ok, there’s a number 6 because it truly belongs here.. the Mamaway Compact Nappy Backpack!
With 2 other terrors to keep my hands busy, a back pack is truly a Mum’s best friend. The Mamaway Compact Nappy Backpack comes in a range of colours, but all very practical and easy to use. Here are some of the features:
– Zipper opens the entire main and bottom compartments, large opening makes it easy to put in/ take out and find items- Waterproof base on the main and bottom compartments. easy to clean- Padding on the shoulder straps and back for added comfort- Bottle compartments on the inside and outside to hold multiple bottles- Comes with matching waterproof change mat.

See the Nappy Backpack here.

My list is in no way exhaustive of what is hidden in this Maternity treasure trove, so I highly recommend getting into Macquarie Centre to discover just how great these products are!


Expecting the arrival of any baby, whether it’s your first, 3rd, 6th, grandchild, niece or nephew is so exciting. That newborn smell, the tiny outfits, their beautiful wrinkly noses. But before baby comes arguably the least glamorous and most stressful 10 months, so if you can make it any easier on yourself with the help of a few clever products, why not do just that!


This is a sponsored article but the thoughts and feelings are entirely my own.