Moving House With Kids

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by Bianca Dowling


Moving house, unsurprisingly, is one of the major changes many people experience in life and often more than once. It can be both an exciting and stressful time for children, who may have never gone through it before. They may have to say goodbye to favourite pastimes, much-loved playtime haunts and well-known neighbours.

Having recently moved with a two-year-old in tow, here are my top tips to make the change a little easier:

  • preparing kids for the emotional side of moving should be a priority, as with relocating pets. Share the fresh start with your children and let them in on the excitement;

  • ensure open, honest communication. Talk about the move before, during and after. No-one likes surprises so keep the kids in the loop well before the event;

  • explain what will happen on move day – children like to know the process;

  • Arrange a babysitter that they’re familiar with if need be. Assign tasks to make them feel included and important;

  • have a collection of kid’s toys and ‘special’ items on-hand, as well as some favourite pre-prepared snacks. Make these easily accessible. This go-to box will come in handy and make everyone feel at home quicker;

  • let the kids explore the new neighbourhood. Getting to know new surroundings is the best form of familiarity – parks, playgrounds, sporting facilities, and cafes – also helps you to find out where the best coffee is!;

  • let them help you pack their room and sort their toys – this helps to process what’s happening and gives them control over the move and

  • show or describe to children what their new room will look like. Drawing the layout, creating cut-outs of their furniture and helping them colour in the walls will allow them to imagine their new space.

Books provide a great starting point for discussion, allowing you to ask and answer questions and have fun too. Here’s a few to check out:



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