Left of Field, Rhodes!

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by Jacqui Owens


I recently visited Left of Field in Rhodes. I’d been hearing about it since it opened and wondered what impact that would have on my “whelm-factor” aka expectations vs reality! As I walked in I was greeted by practically every staff member, all of whom had lovely big smiles. Good start. Next I saw a huge tray of scrolls, cronuts and other trendy pastries. Be still my beating heart.

We were seated quickly at an inside table and I admired the light, bright room and minimalist decor. As per the name, their all-day menu is rather left of field… side of crispy pigs ear fries anyone? How about some yuzu foam or a fried duck egg? For the conservative, traditional types (e.g. everyone at my table…!) they do have good old eggs on toast cooked your way with side options a plenty. I ordered the house-made smokey baked beans. There were a few options for the kiddies but we just ended up sharing our huge meals with them. Only AFTER ordering, of course, did I realise that I apparently missed the memo on the most Instagram-worthy hotcakes I’ve ever seen! Drool.

Coffee was good and strong thank goodness, the meals came out quickly and were a good size (and included 2 slices of sourdough – don’t you hate when they only give you one slice?) and the bill was very reasonable. Thumbs up.

Overall, a very enjoyable breakfast and I will be back to try those hotcakes!!

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  1. I really want to try their specialty pancakes I have heard so much about!

  2. We just welcomed our second child so would love to celebrate with a nice brunch!

  3. I just love to try new places and Left of the Field sounds like it could become a favourite

  4. I heard they have a drool worthy, melt in your mouth dish of pork belly!!!
    Mmmm, i love my pork belly 😀

  5. Simply because I need to try those pancakes! 2 servings for myself please 🙂

  6. I missed the hotcakes when I went there as I was too entranced by the wonderful eggs – so I need to go back and eat all the food!

  7. Being a full time mother, it is very rare that I go out and enjoy the simplest things in life, like wining and dining, so would absolutely love this opportunity to go and enjoy a lovely night with the hubby.

  8. If I’m going to be experiencing a roller coaster of emotions and end up eating my feelings I’d like it to be at a place that produces some seriously delicious looking concoctions. This ticks all the boxes ?

  9. I would love to win a $50 voucher as since having the little one and living on a single income, it would be a lovely treat for the hubby myself and our baby boy

  10. Pick me, pick me! We need a good breaky, our local closed

  11. I’d love to try LOF as I’ve heard so many good things bout it. I’m sure if given the chance I’d say it will be a hit.

  12. Next saturday my 21 year old step daughter will be meeting her 14 month old baby sister for the first time. It would be great to celebrate this occasion as a family over a nice meal and friendly non threatening atmosphere xx

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