Lardelli Park, Putney

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Lardelli Park is a great little playground that kids 2+ will just love. Set next to the lovely pond in the Putney Hill development, the space has lots of options for enjoying some time outdoors. 



Playground equipment includes:

  • a flying fox with a sandpit underneath
  • long slide
  • bucket swing
  • sandpit with digger
  • balancing beams and poles


Parents will enjoy the covered picnic table, shade sail covered equipment and soft fall ground, but the park isn’t fenced which is a feature we’ve all expressed much love for!

For a bit of extra fun, kids might enjoy scootering along the path around the pond or doing a bit of duck spotting. Afterwards, you could walk down to Charles Street to grab some lunch at one of the many cafes, unless it’s a Saturday, in which case you could walk up to the Rehab Centre for a feed at the Dolcini Kiosk.

Putney Hill, Lardelli Park Ducks


Getting There

The park is on the corner of Lardellie Drive and Susan Schardt Way – you will find plenty of parking on those two streets.

RDM Rating

Age Range: 2-7

Coffee close by – 1 (a few minutes walk from Charles Street)

Shade sails – 1

Bike/scooter track – 1

Noteworthy feature/s – 1 (lovely pond)

Can host a party (bbq, tables, toilets) – 0

Gated/safe – 0

TOTAL: 4 / 6