Jane Stott, City of Ryde- Central Ward

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Jane Stott


Supporting Candidates

Bill Pickering, Peter Szewczyk, Narain Mudaliar


Are you part or have you been part of a political party? If so, which one? 

Jane Stott and Bill Pickering were formerly members of the Liberal Party.


Tell us a bit about you and your team?  What’s your day job?        

I am an Assistant Principal with the Dept of Education. I work with students with disabilities and also support the teachers of these students. Since being elected to Council I have taken one day each week on Leave without Pay from this position to give me more time to attend to Council business. Bill Pickering owns and manages a PR and Marketing company, Peter Szewczyk is a telecommunications engineer and Narain Mudaliar owns and manages a strata cleaning company.


What are some things you love about living in the area?  

I love the amenities, open spaces including parks and sporting fields. I love that we have a great mix of open space activities and cultural events. The community is harmonious, friendly and inclusive. We have great shopping precincts and wonderful restaurants.


What do you believe to be the 3 main issues affecting our community?   

  1. One of the main issues is the potential transport crisis in Macquarie Park and North Ryde, due to impending rail shutdowns for the new metro rail line. We have, and will continue to, advocate strongly for proper public transport facilities and work with agencies and businesses to work through the impact of rail closures.
  2. The lack of affordable housing and the inability of first home-buyers and key workers to live in our city is being addressed by strategic policy that need to be continued. These agreements lead to acquisition of dwellings that both generate income for Ryde and help first home-buyers and key workers such as police, paramedics, nurses etc. live locally. 
  3. Ryde has been targeted by the State Government for three major Urban Activation Precincts. These approvals place significant burdens on local infrastructure which must be addressed. We have actively advocated for better infrastructure support from the state


What are the 3 key things you plan to achieve?       

  1. Getting a new civic centre built to replace the current unoccupied and unsafe building is a priority and we will ensure that this critical infrastructure is delivered in a timely and cost-effective manner, saving millions of dollars in rent for premises for staff.
  2. Our city is experiencing some of highest population growth in the country. Ryde council therefore has embarked on a major upgrade of our sporting and recreational facilities which are becoming world-class. This must be continued. We will continue the vision and determination to see the construction of synthetic playing fields throughout Ryde, along with family recreational facilities. At the same time, we must preserve our native flora and fauna habitats.
  3. We need to maintain Ryde as an inclusive and accessible city. We must work to maintain and keep our neighbourhoods safe places for all.


What about your long term vision for the area?      

Our long term vision is for Ryde to be a harmonious, healthy city. Growth must be balanced with preservation of our heritage and open spaces. Cultural pursuits such as music and the arts must be catered for. We must remain financially viable in order to keep our city safe, clean and progressive.


How do you plan to influence state policy that impacts on our community?          

We will continue to fight against the State Government policy on boarding houses and to continue the fight for State infrastructure to support the major developments imposed on us. We will remain strong advocates for appropriate development and not be influenced by Party politics or politicians. As Independents, we will always put the community first


Email Jane at: janestott@optusnet.com.au

Call Jane: 0414 552 495