James Platter | Australian People’s Party

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  1. What do you love most about Bennelong?
  • The mix of people
  • The facilities
  • The passion the residents have for community and harmony


  1. Tell us 3 interesting facts about yourself that we might not know. (Lets make it fun & light hearted!)
  • That I once worked for the Atomic Energy Commission
  • That I have contributed to a published book
  • That I like dressing casually more than wearing suits and jackets


  1. Which single issue affecting Bennelong is your highest priority to address? And how would you fix it?

Increase funding to all schools in the region so that resources address improvement in educational and behavioural outcomes for our children


  1. What other key objectives do you have for Bennelong? Please provide short term (under 12 months) and long term (up to 3/4 years). Please keep to a max of 4.

Short Term

Increase capital to all schools

Long Term

Make childcare fully government funding to assist all parents given family budgets are overstretched


  1. There is so much demand on schools in our area – both primary and high schools. What do you plan to do in this vital area? Please answer for both primary and high schools as there is talks & roll outs for more primary than high schools and both will face increased demand. Why have plans & implementations been reactive verses proactive?

I will work with the state to ensure school leaders and parents are part of the local area planning process. Parents will be informed of financial grants and their input sought on refurbishments and new builds. The needs of students and parents will be put first.


  1. Every corner of a main road seems to have new high rise apartments being built with no concern for the already struggling roads & demand on local services. What is your opinion on this and how do you plan to tackle it if you are elected?

Follow on from the high rise apartments that are being built everywhere, what is your projection for population growth, what impact do you foresee this has on the economy and how can you reassure the people of Bennelong that there will be appropriate transport, health and education support for this population growth? The reason we ask this question is because someone is approving all these high rise buildings, what is the benefit to the residents who already live here?

The Australian People’s Party will freeze immigration for 5 years except for family sponsorship programs as part of its population growth plan. The rush to high rise has major sociological implication which must be addressed with residents first before approval of any building program. It is disrespectful to families when they are not consulted.


  1. What ideas do you have to push the federal government to improve the already struggling roads in our area which make peak time commuting so difficult & time consuming?

Yes the congestion is a major issue. Road widening through median stripe narrowing for some roads funded through government


  1. 50.2% of Bennelong residents voted No to marriage equality. How would you have voted in the parliament?

The Australian People’s Party has a strong view on the traditional definition of marriage. The English court in the 1800s defined it as between a man and a woman and to the exclusion of all others.


  1. There were 27,000 complaints to the telecommunications industry ombudsman in 2016-17 about the NBN. How would you go about fixing it?

A world class cable to home system. No contractors but a telecommunication branch in government to enhance the infrastructure.


  1. Electricity prices seem to continually be increasing. What are you going to do about the rising costs of electricity? What are your thoughts on renewable energy and do you plans for renewable energy if elected?

Freeze on all power bills and capital grants to renewable energy initiatives.


  1. What is your position on disability and aged care services and Medicare?

To increase funding to aged and disability care. To make nursing homes and respite fully government funded