Hoskins Reserve Playground, Rhodes

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New, clean, interesting and colourful, Hoskins Reserve Playground is a great spot to stop and enjoy some fresh air while the kids play. This little playground kept my kids happy for ages as they explored all the nooks and crannies it has to offer. Despite being small, it’s definitely mighty and it’s seated amongst a mighty space to match.

I imagine it’s a spot where the local office workers would enjoy eating their lunch as there are plenty of seats and grassy spots plus views of the river.

On our visit, 2 mums were working out together while the kids played. Very impressive stuff.

Not pictured is a sandpit with wooden dog and some type of centrifuge spinning thing that my daughter was equally scared AND attracted to. Bring scooters and bikes as there’s plenty of space for little wheels.


RDM Rating

Age range: 1-6

Coffee close by: 1 – a few minute’s walk

Great equipment: 1

Bike/scooter track: 1

Other noteworthy feature/s: 0

Can host a party (BBQ, tables, toilets): 0

Gated / safe: 0

TOTAL: 3/ 6