Handy Hints from your Local Hand Therapist

I see a lot of new mothers who have developed De Quervain’s Tenosynovitis, which is a painful tendinopathy around the base of the thumb arising from post-partum hormones and increased use of the thumb in awkward positions such as positioning an infant for breastfeeding, holding up infant heads for burping and doing up nappy tabs.

Carpal Tunnel syndrome is also a common condition in pregnancy resulting in night waking with pins and needles in the hand due to compression of the Median Nerve.

In regards to children, they are growing and developing at a rapid rate and the ability for them to improve their hand and arm function is enormous if they have early intervention. Hand writing skills, which are so necessary for life, are declining in young children due to the widespread use of computers, laptops, tablets and mobile phones. Hand Therapists can help get handwriting back on track as well as helping co-ordination and dexterity.

We also treat:

  • overuse injuries from work or sport

  • conditions relating to children e.g. co-ordination, dexterity and handwriting issues

  • joint conditions (OA and RA),

  • nerve compressions and lacerations

  • tendon repairs

  • upper limb weakness and dysfunction following strokes

  • head injuries and other neurological conditions

  • amputations

  • burns

  • fractures

There is really nothing a Hand Therapist cannot help you with. That is why it makes perfect sense to seek their advice and treatment for anything related to the Hand and Upper limb. The things Hand Therapists do are many and varied. To name a few, we:

  • educate about injuries, conditions and prevention

  • prescribe and make custom fit hand splints

  • apply casts for fractures

  • manage swelling

  • treat soft tissue injuries, stiffness, pain and loss of strength following injury

  • assist nerve injuries to recover and reduce sensitivity of scars

  • prescribe exercises

  • help hands and arms to regain their daily functions.

My practice is The Hand & Upper Limb Rehabilitation Centre situated at Suite7, 227 Morrison Road Putney in the Putney Health Hub (next to the Royal Rehab). I would be pleased to be able to help my community members with any Hand and Upper limb injuries, conditions or advice.

I can be contacted on 9807 6678 or amanda@handandupperlimbrehab.com.au

I love being a Hand Therapist because it places me in such a privileged position to restore an individual’s function and wellness through use of their hands and arms. I think that was what Audrey was talking about!

  1. Anne O'Halloran

    I’m keen to get some treatment for my right shoulder which has just gone haywire and I guess from overuse. Unfortunately it was my best limb and I depended on it. I am a polio survivor and have one leg completely paralyzed on which I wear a brace. My “good ” leg suffered a broken ankle 2 years ago but is functional now. Left shoulder has a long standing injury resulting in limited range of movement, but I have learned to manage all this. I walk using 2 crutches. No pain R shoulder now but I feel a weakness on a certain movement which has improved a bit in the last 3 days.
    I am a DVA client. I am 77 years of age. Wondering if I can get more improvement.