Macquarie Chiro

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20/07/2018 - 31/07/2019
12:00 am

Macquarie Chiro
Macquarie Chiro is a newly established Chiropractic clinic, currently operating within Avaya House on Epping Road.
At Macquarie Chiro our aim is to provide everyone with the best available chiropractic care. We provide a range of specialised treatments that include: Adjustments/Manipulation of the spine and joints, dry needling, trigger point and muscle knots release therapies. We treat a range of conditions including but not limited to: Back and Neck pain, headaches and migraines, joint and muscle related aches and pains, and posture issues.
Phone8875 7998
Address: Level 9, Avaya House – 123 Epping Road, Macquarie Park

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