Lilypad Early Learning Centre, Top Ryde

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12/02/2019 - 29/02/2020
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Lilypad Early Learning Centre, Top Ryde

We are a family operated, long day care centre which first opened in 2011. For the last eight years, we’ve been providing exemplary care and have set a very high standard to ensure that each child receives excellent care within the Ryde area. We strive to provide an environment which feels like home and we pride ourselves in our relationships with our children and families. We ensure that we offer an environment in which both children, and their families, feel welcome and cared for. Many of our families return for our services with younger siblings as our care and facilities at Lilypad is well known and regarded.

We value Relationships

We believe a positive relationship is the foundation for the provision of quality care and education. Positive relationships can be built on trust, respect and good communication.

We endeavour to establish and maintain trusting, respectful and responsive relationships with our families and communities which focuses on active and open communications to ensure the best outcome for our children.

We care about our children

Children’s wellbeing always comes first to us as an Early Childhood Education and Care Provider. We have a unique WELLBEING program to support a child’s healthy body and mind.

  • Healthy Eating (Centre Menu) – Our qualified and experienced cook prepares nutritious meals with fresh ingredients and takes into consideration children’s daily nutritional requirements as recommended by the NSW Government.
  • Munch & Move – the NSW Department of Health’s initiated children’s wellbeing program is deeply embedded in our curriculum through our daily outdoor programs, the Centre Afternoon Program (cooking experiences & mini moves activities), Local Excursions and our Work Out Studio Program.
  • Extra-Curricular Activities – Apart from the healthy eating and ‘Munch & Move’ we offer a range of sports programs such as FAST Football, Taekwondo (Korean Martial Arts), Happy Feet and Zumba which encourage children to be engaged in fun and interactive physical activities.

Lilypad Benefits

  • Lilypad Library
  • Exceptional and range of Centre Educational Programs
  • Lilypad Hat, Cot/Bed linen upon enrolment
  • Access to Parent portal to view the child’s daily information and monthly documentation
  • Two developmental reports throughout the year
  • Parent Teacher Interviews (each room has a set day to do this on)
  • CCS entitlement
  • Quality care and love by our warm hearted and experienced Educators
  • Friendly and fast action taking management team
  • Cosy parents corner providing useful parenting information and local community services
  • Nutritious and freshly made meals by our qualified full time cook
  • Professional collaboration with early childhood professionals


Address: MM19/Level 2, Top Ryde City Shopping Centre, 115 Blaxland Road, Ryde NSW 2112

Phone: 9808 5522



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