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27/02/2019 - 29/02/2020
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Function PCP

Function has become the first company in Australia to have a physio-guided movement centre purpose-built to help with our patient’s movement patterns. As our name states, we are all about function and movement of the human body, and how we can restore, retrain, and treat the pains and aches. We are now located in a new facility amongst the Boronia park shops where we have our Movement Playground and still operate out of our clinic in Putney, which is where we hold our Clinical Pilates classes.

We have developed a harmony between our three main services – Physiotherapy, Clinical Pilates, and Movement Playground. Amongst developing these sectors we also have made sure we screen and assess all our clients to help direct them into the right part of our business.

We want to give you the solution to getting your able body moving again and give you the control to help yourself. Our systematic process at Function has been proven over and over again and have helped patients that had been suffering for decades!


Amongst our team of highly trained physiotherapists we have an extensive amount of experience that ranges from;

  • Headache and migraine treatments
  • Chronic Lower back pain
  • Sacro-iliac joint pain
  • Sporting Ankle and Knee joint pain
  • Neck and upper back injuries
  • Shoulder and scapular pain
  • Gait analysis
  • Custom orthotic prescription
  • Rib and thoracic pain

Our treatment never stops at the physiotherapy levels as we all know that resetting your musculoskeletal anatomy is the first third of the job. All our physiotherapists will get their hands dirty and figure out the cause of your pain (most of the time it is not even in the area your complaining of) and work on the whole system to get the results they need.


Clinical Pilates – Putney

We have been fine tuning our clinical Pilates programs for the past year and have been rolling out some in-depth programs to help with the basic of movements. We are dedicated with our small boutique classes (5 people maximum) to help maximise the activation patterns our clients would need once having their muscles and joints mobilised and remoulded. What an injustice we would be doing to our clients if we were not stabilising the musculoskeletal system and returning it to a neutral state? These classes are all run by trained clinical Pilates physiotherapists and can work with any level of injury



After helping so many patients reach that pain-free life and full functional movements it was time to really test what they have learnt. We have recently built the first physio-guided movement space in Gladesville and have patients working with our high-quality instructors to help with our final chapter of the rehab. These small based classes are all about quality movement and controlled pain-free adaptations to our clinical Pilates along with Aerial yoga and traditional Japanese yoga. We are the only gym in a 15km radius to offer aerial, reformer, and yoga all under one roof, and now the first in Australia to have our movement space within our once known physiotherapy clinic.


Phone: Putney: 8021 0246, Gladesville: 9879 7467






Putney: 6/227 Morrison Road, Putney, NSW, 2112

Gladesville: 148 Pittwater Road, Gladesville, NSW 2111



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