F45 Training North Ryde

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08/04/2018 - 30/04/2019
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F45 Training North Ryde

F45 Training North Ryde is the new training technique aimed to teach clients functional movements that we use in everyday life. F45 is one of the most innovative, challenging and systemised team training workouts in the world. This style of training was developed as a community based training environment that offers support and assistance to people seeking to achieve their health and weight loss goals. We have a community family feel where clients and trainers support each other through every movement in every class. F45 Training North Ryde is an adaptable work out for all fitness levels from beginners to professional athletes. No work out is complete without a High Five!

Phone: 0410 074 545

Email: northryde@f45training.com.au

Facebook: www.facebook.com/F45TrainingNorthRyde

Instagram: www.instagram.com/f45training_northryde

Website: www.f45training.com.au/northryde

Address: 2/22 Delhi Road North Ryde



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