Dunrossil Park, Carlingford

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There is lots to love about Dunrossil playground in Carlingford, but straight up we will say it’s not the great shade factor, as there isn’t any. Bring hats and sunscreen and steer clear on very hot days. 

Ok, now onto what we love! Dunrossil playground is a great sized park with plenty of equipment to suit kids of all ages. While it’s not gated, it’s set really far from the street so it feels road safe in that regard. It has soft fall ground which means no bark (isn’t bark the PITS?). 

It’s nice and flat and has lots of footpath for scooters and bikes. The footpath also runs all the way to the parking area so that also gives it a pram friendly tick! 

The playground itself has two areas that are joined by a little bridge or some mushroom steps – cute!  There is one area that would be best suited to crawlers up to 4 years old – it features baby swings, a small slide, some rope climbing and easy stairs. The other area would be more suitable for confident 4-year-olds up to 9 or 10 years. There is a taller / larger slide, a rope wall approx. 2.5m tall, ‘rock climbing’, swings and more. 

There actually is a smidge of shade by the fence thanks to some banksia trees. The fence is lined with a few bench seats in case you get a chance to have a small break (wishful thinking?). 

The playground backs onto a big green field so it would be a great idea to bring along a ball to have a kick or throw around while you are there. 

Check out our RDM rating below!




RDM Rating

Age range: 1-10

Coffee close by: 0

Great equipment: 1

Bike/scooter track: 0.5 (mostly around the playground there is a path)

Other noteworthy feature/s: 0.5 (play areas for different aged kids & beside a big green field!)

Can host a party (BBQ, tables, toilets): 0

Gated / safe: 0.5 (as away from the road)

TOTAL: 2.5 / 6 (don’t let this rating put you off, it was a fun park & we will be back!)