Empower Womens Fitness

Empower Womens Fitness


  • Indoor/Outdoor group fitness classes
  • Personal training
  • Online Health coaching

 We cater to women of all ages and fitness levels! Class are varied each week to not only get the best results but to ensure every one of your workouts is fun! Our clients love coming to the sessions and are disappointed if they miss a class.

Class sizes are capped to ensure no one flies under the radar and all exercises are being performed with correct technique. This allows for maximum results and minimizes the chance of injury.  You are not just a number

I have been training women in the local area for the last 11 years – some are still with me today!  As a mum of 2,  I understand how hard it is to make yourself a priority and fit exercise into your day.  Whether your goal is to lose weight, tone up, improve your fitness and strength or re-gain back your confidence I’m there to take the guesswork out of it all. 

We have a great community of like-minded local women who support each other in a fun, friendly and motivating environment. I guarantee that you will walk away from every session satisfied that you have had a great workout.

Come and try a class for FREE!


Phone: 0413 002 440

Email: joanne@empowerwomensfitness.com.au




Empower Womens Fitness, Putney Empower Womens Fitness, PutneyEmpower Womens Fitness, Putney Empower Womens Fitness, Putney

iBelieve Fitness

iBelieve Fitness

At ibelieve fitness we specialise in helping mums return to their physical best after bubs, toddlers and school-age children.

Pre and Post Natal Trained and parents ourselves, we understand that returning to exercise after baby can be challenging. We are passionate about believing in our clients to achieve a happier, more energized and well balanced lifestyle. Our sessions are always fun, different and challenging and we provide a like-minded supportive community spirit with Outdoor Fitness Training options at convenient times to suit busy mums (and dads too!)

  • Mummy Bootcamp with FREE on-Site Nanny Service, Ryde Park – EVERY WEEK DAY!
  • Sunrise Squad, Night Squad, Boxing Squad, Ryde Park
  • Sat Squad, Ryde Public School

Our Mummy Bootcamp sessions allow you to work out with little ones on the sideline with our wonderful Nanny service. Or for 100% focus, leave your little ones with another carer and try our Sunrise, Night Squad or Sat Squad Express Sessions.

Our Outdoor trainers will support you every step of the way from beginners to advanced fitness levels with complete variety to keep you challenged.

No one session is the same. We mix it up to make it fun and motivating – All the latest training techniques across Cardio, X-Circuit, Boxing, Strength, Interval Training, Speed and Agility disciplines

If you find gyms intimidating and love the idea of training in fresh air in the great outdoors, reserve a spot now to try us out! We just know you will love our sessions and offer a no obligation FREE WEEKS TRIAL at all outdoor classes so you can experience how much fun working out with us can be.


'ibelieve' fitness 'ibelieve' fitness 'ibelieve' fitness 'ibelieve' fitness 'ibelieve' fitness

Lori Lim Holistic Counselling

Lori Lim Holistic Counselling

Are you looking for someone to deeply understand you and listen without judgement? Lori is a holistic therapist who integrates counselling, hypnosis, kinesiology and energy healing for your emotional wellbeing. With over ten years’ experience, Lori is passionate about helping women ‘come home’ to themselves again through emotional healing and self-exploration.  Lori can help with issues relating to:

  • Anxiety
  • postnatal depression
  • low self-esteem
  • life changes
  • low mood
  • low confidence and self-image
  • co-dependency and ending toxic relationships.
  • Binge eating
  • Shopping addictions

Sessions are available in person and online via video call. Contact Lori for your free 20-minute phone consultation.

Tennis World North Ryde

Tennis World North Ryde

Tennis World North Ryde is located on Epping Rd adjacent to Delhi Rd. With plenty of on-site parking, our facility offers 8 x Full Sized Tennis Courts, 4 x Mini-Courts, Kiosk and coming in September 2019, 4 x brand new Padel courts.

North Ryde Fitness + Aquatic Centre

North Ryde Fitness + Aquatic Centre

Located in the North Ryde Business Park. Our facility offers a state-of-the art gym, heated outdoor 25m pool as well as a multi-sport court including Soccer, Netball and Volleyball. We are also a Fitness Passport provider.

Simone Jeffries Naturopath

Simone Jeffries Naturopath

I am a mum of three teenagers as well as being a degree qualified naturopath and nutritionist. I treat people for all sorts of common health concerns, with a special interest in working with women and children.

I treat clients with a combination of whole foods and herbal medicine, designed to give your body the nutrients and support it needs to heal itself from illness.

Children’s health conditions include: digestive discomfort, allergies, hay fever, eczema, recurrent infections, behavioural and concentration problems, healthy weight control.

Women’s health concerns include: menstrual irregularities, IBS, thyroid disease, menopause, depression, weight loss, auto-immune conditions, fatigue and insomnia.

Please take a look at my website and blog to get more of an idea about how I work.

Health fund rebates apply.

Kirsten Flavell © 2017 Kirsten Flavell © 2017 Kirsten Flavell © 2017 Kirsten Flavell © 2017

Macquarie Community College

Macquarie Community College

As one of Sydney’s largest Community Colleges, we have 100+ leisure and self-improvement short courses each term, including sport and fitness, foreign languages, arts and crafts, cooking, photography, self-improvement and more.

For those looking to upskill or kick start a new career, we also offer Nationally Accredited Training courses* in Aged Care, Child Care, Business, Computing and English Language.

*NSW Government Subsidies may be available. Please contact us to see whether you are eligible. RTO No. 90033.


UNWIND Mobile Massage & Spa Sydney

UNWIND Mobile Massage & Spa Sydney

Does your daily life cause you pains and aches or even anxiety or stress?? And you would prefer to not leave your house, save a lot of time and stay completely relaxed after your treatment?

Whether you just need some relaxation from an enormously demanding life or are experiencing occasional or chronic pains and aches or are bothered by old injuries, our great massage therapists at UNWIND Mobile Massage will be able to tailor the treatment to exactly what your body desires.

With a minimum of 15 years experience, we have a vast field of knowledge about the human body and how muscles, nerves and joints are interconnected to help the body functioning to its fullest potential.

When all your muscles are released sufficiently, it frees up your whole musculoskeletal system and with the help of additional applied stretching, our goal is to improve your flexibility and movements to a point where you can go back to living your life to the fullest and provide you with a plan to continue doing so.

Available treatments are as follows:

  • Relaxation massage
  • Remedial Massage
  • Pregnancy Massage
  • Post-natal Massage
  • Sports/Deep Tissue massage
  • Spa Treatments and massage


Website: www.mobilemassagesydney.net.au

Email: info@mobilemassagesydney.net.au

Phone: 0413 558 082

Childbirth & Early Parenting Education, RNS and Ryde - Pre & Post Natal Aqua Exercise Classes

Childbirth & Early Parenting Education, RNS and Ryde - Pre & Post Natal Aqua Exercise Classes

Pre and Post Natal Aqua Exercise Classes

Water-based exercise for pregnant and new mums, designed to improve/maintain health and muscle strength. Sessions are led by qualified instructors.

Attend from 16+ weeks pregnant or from 6 weeks after baby’s birth.

Wednesday nights 7pm – 8pm

Online enrolments at www.nshealthpromotion.com.au

Required: a signed copy of our MEDICAL CLEARANCE FORM to bring to your first session. These forms are available on our website and are also emailed to you upon enrolment.

Phone: 9462 9588
Email: nslhd-parented@health.nsw.gov.au
Website: www.nshealthpromotion.com.au
Address: Graythwaite Rehabilitation Centre, Ryde Hospital


Ryde Natural Health Clinic

Ryde Natural Health Clinic

Be it muscle pain, nerve pain or joint pain, these bodily aches and pains slow you down and stop you from doing the things you enjoy most. We believe that most bodily pains are symptoms of a dysfunctional musculoskeletal system- a consequence of living in a modern world. When we correct the dysfunctions, these daily aches and pains disappear!

Our team includes PhysiotherapistsChiropractorsOsteopathsRemedial Massage Therapists, practitioners of Traditional Chinese Medicine who practice acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine, and Clinical Pilates instructors. While the specific approach of each profession and each practitioner may vary, our shared goal is to have you moving pain-free and living life to the full.

At Ryde Natural Health Clinic, we’re equipped to help people from all walks of life – men and women of any age, sports people, babies, children, pregnant women and seniors. For adults, we are your first port-of-call for neck and back pain, sciatica, headaches and migraines, sinusitis and joint pains. For pregnant women visit for assistance with pregnancy-related symptoms such as hip pain and pelvic pain. We assist our senior patients with coordination, balance problems, stress, fatigue and sleeping problems.

Unearthed Vitality

Unearthed Vitality

Unearthed Vitality specialise in Pre & Post Natal training for women. We run small groups in our child-friendly studio that also has child minding facilities. We focus on mobility, strength and cardio to give you the best results possible.  Our community is nurturing, encouraging and extremely supportive, we want you to love exercise and being at our gym as much as we do.  We have mum’s and bub’s classes which are females only as well as regular classes suited for Mum’s & Dad’s.

Address: Suite 101a, Ground Floor, 7-9 Merriwa St, Gordon 

Email: erin@unearthedvitality.com.au

Phone: 0429 199 116 

Facebook: www.facebook.com/unearthedvitality.com.au

Website: www.unearthedvitality.com.au

Mummies on a Mission

Mummies on a Mission

Be your own boss muma with an online opportunity to create financial freedom as well as helping people with their health through our health and wellness program. This opportunity is to work towards your family vision, future and change people’s lives in the process. . . No experience is required as you’ll be guided by a process, training and a supportive community. There are no minimum orders to meet with no pressure involved therefore you run your race. If this is something that you are interested in hearing more about then feel free to get in contact.


MA-URI Healing Massage and Bodywork

MA-URI Healing Massage and Bodywork

MA-URI® is a modern type of therapeutic massage based on Polynesian knowledge. It is an effective and powerful treatment that solves physical, emotional blockages in the body, cleans the bad thoughts of the mind, lifts you into a secret place of divine and harmonizes the functions of body-mind-soul. It reduces muscle tension, stimulates lymphatic, circulatory, respiratory and digestive system, rejuvenates the skin. It helps you to regain your energy and vitality. If you want a short retreat in your busy life and have a ME time, or if you want to have a different massage experience, just make an appointment and feel the transformation.

Function Playground

Function Playground

After helping so many patients reach that pain-free life and full functional movements it was time to really test what they have learnt. We have recently built the first physio-guided movement space in Gladesville and have patients working with our high-quality instructors to help with our final chapter of the rehab. These small based classes are all about quality movement and controlled pain-free adaptations to our clinical Pilates along with Aerial yoga and traditional Japanese yoga.

We are the only gym in a 15km radius to offer aerial, reformer, and yoga all under one roof, and now the first in Australia to have our movement space within our once known physiotherapy clinic.

Reaching the final chapter of your rehab has never been safer! Come in for a movement assessment by one of our highly trained physiotherapists to complete your journey to wellbeing.


We’ve made working out worry free! After you have consulted with our physiotherapists in your initial Pilates Assessment, the physiotherapist will score you based on a criterion of how well you complete the tasks asked. If you are restricted, have any dysfunctions or history of any injury, you will be guided to the right rehabilitation centre for you! Whether it be our Clinical Reformer Pilates studio in Putney or FUNCTION PLAYGROUND, you’re in safe professional hands!

Address: 148 Pittwater Road, Gladesville, NSW, 2111

Phone: 9879 7467

Email: admin@functionpcp.com.au

Facebook: www.facebook.com/Function-Playground

Instagram: www.instagram.com/functionpcp

Website: www.functionpcp.com.au

Soulful Fitness Yoga and Pilates

Soulful Fitness Yoga and Pilates

Our Focus – Strength, Stamina, Stretch

Our Purpose – We believe unconditionally in the investment of exercise. We exist to inspire our community to healthy, fit and well, offering a space for them to work on whatever is important to them at that given moment

Our Delivery – Yoga, Pilates, Pilates Reformer, Barre, Meditation, Spin



Instagram: www.instagram.com/soulfulfitness

Facebook: www.facebook.com/soulfulfitnesslanecove

Creative Fitness Australia

Creative Fitness Australia

Creative Fitness Australia is bringing fun to Outdoor Fitness with Bootcamp classes, Mobile Personal Training and our newest addition Sunset Yoga classes.

There is nothing better then training outdoors in the fresh air and sunshine and with 2 locations and 10 classes a week there is plenty on offer for you to find something that suits your busy schedule.

Our Bootcamp classes are designed for both Men and Women of all fitness levels. My classes are always challenging, consisting of both strength and conditioning work. No two classes are ever the same as I love to keep them Creative and new and use the most latest and up to date exercises rotating from Cardio themed classes, tabata and interval training, circuits using dumbbells, kettlebells, battleropes, medicine balls, speed sacs, TRX suspension work just to name a few, and of course our most loved class of all is boxing.

Being a Mum of four myself and fully qualified in Pre and Post Natal training I understand the need to be able to train while being there for Bub as well and with our Complimentary Nanny service this is exactly what I can offer to you. Let our brilliant Nanny rock your little one in the pram or see how she brings toys and music and actually plays with your older tots all while you get time to exercise in peace.

If high impact exercise is no longer your pace I also have you covered with our unique outdoor Sunset Yoga class, develop strength and flexibility while soothing your nerves and calming your mind, a wonderful addition to my classes.

My goal is to help you achieve your fitness goals and to instil a love of exercising outdoors into all of my clients.


Phone: 0418655563

Email: aleisha@creativefitness.net.au

Facebook: www.facebook.com/creativefitnessaustralia


Website: www.creativefitness.net.au









Fernwood Fitness - Ryde

Fernwood Fitness - Ryde

Voted #1 by Canstar for most satisfied members 2014, 2015 & 2016

Fernwood Ryde is a well- established, boutique club, offering personalised service in a welcoming and comfortable atmosphere. 

We cater for all ages and fitness levels, offering services such as personal training, weight loss programs, a wide range of group fitness classes and state of the art equipment. 

We also offer Complimentary Breakfast and Toiletries along with all the other services Fernwood offer.

Our Personal Trainers are dedicated to helping you achieve results, and are available 7 days a week.

We are passionate & love being a part of changing lives daily, So no matter what your current fitness levels or goals are. You can become the woman you’ve always wanted to be with Fernwood Ryde!


Zero Joining Fee Offer for RDMs

New to the Gym?

Want to make a change to your life?

Join now, pay zero joining fee and receive 5 Personal training sessions to get you started.