David Hamilton Reserve, Eastwood

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David Hamilton Reserve is a brand new park in Eastwood on the Dundas Valley side, completed late September 2018. This cute neighbour playground is a fantastic size and has 100% soft fall ground AKA NO BARK GROUND!

The soft fall ground is designed to look like a river which means when kids are in the boat or on the jetty they can really let their imagination come to life and enjoy “floating” down the stream or jumping into the “water”.



The park also features:

  • a double swing set
  • slide (accessed via small rope wall or stairs)
  • tunnel to crawl through
  • look out post which connects to the rock climbing and rope wall

Older kids will love the rock climbing and rope wall – we think it’s great to see a small neighbourhood playground catering to all ages. 

You might also notice that Terry’s Creek runs to the side of the playground. The whole family will enjoy exploring this beautiful natural feature. There is even a bush walk track near the creek – read more about it here.

The playground is easily accessible to prams and scooters with footpaths winding from both Holway Street and Terry Road.


Getting There

David Hamilton Reserve is located on Holway Street in Eastwood. The playground is accessible from 2 sides – Holway Street and Terry Road, however, the best parking is on Holway Street.




RDM Rating

Age Range: 1-8

Coffee close by – 0

Shade sails β€“ 0

Bike/scooter track β€“ 1 

Noteworthy feature/s β€“ 1 – Brand new playground with soft fall ground plus a small creek for extra exploring! 

Can host a party (bbq, tables, toilets) β€“ 0

Gated/safe β€“ 0.5 (not gated but away from the road)

TOTAL: 2.5 / 6


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