Reindeer Biscuits

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Remember making Arrowroot Faces back when you were a kid? With all sorts of lollies to make the faces? Nostalgia factor = 2000. Well, these are Reindeer Arrowroot faces, which is hopefully obvious.. and how darn cute are they??



The ones on the right are the toddler’s reindeer. She cares not for looks, only taste! No sooner had she finished making them than they were pulled back apart again to be eaten! You could also make them for a Christmas Party or even for teacher presents.

So I guess you want the “recipe”?

  • Arrowroot biccies (head)

  • Pretzels (antlers)

  • Chocolate chips (eyes)

  • Strawberries and cream lollies (nose)

  • …and the secret ingredient for the face…. we used NUTELLA!

The Nutella doesn’t dry hard, so you could always melt some chocolate with a little butter if you want the chocolate to be touch-proof. Other than that, you can’t really go wrong with these bad boys. They’re foolproof and required zero baking! Amen!

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