Banjo Paterson Park, Gladesville

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Banjo Paterson, one of Australia’s most loved and influential poets, spent his childhood in Gladesville, at Rockend Cottage which is now the home of Banjo Paterson Cottage Restaurant and borders the edge of the aptly named “Banjo Paterson Park”.

Banjo Paterson Park is a 5-acre park on the water’s edge at the end of Wharf Rd, Gladesville. Until recently there wasn’t much more than grassy fields and shady rest areas with footpaths suitable for bikes and scooters. 

Banjo Paterson Park, Gladesville


Now you can find a shiny new playground with lots of great equipment that kids will love. The equipment caters to all ages from babies to toddlers and school aged kids. It includes climbing, swings, see-saws and lots of slides!

Yes, it has a bark ground and no, it isn’t fenced, but it is set on the gorgeous riverfront with plenty of grass area to enjoy a picnic. 

There isn’t any catering nearby, so BYO everything. Banjo Paterson Cottage Restaurant is there however it’s a fine dining restaurant without a kiosk (helloooo potential business expansion!?). 

Barbeques and tables are available and toilets are nearby so it would be a great little spot for a party or early dinner on a summer’s evening.

Overall, lovely and peaceful. We will be back! See below for our RDM Rating!


Banjo Paterson Park, Gladesville


Getting There

Banjo Patterson Park is located at Punt Road, Gladesville and there is plenty of parking onsite.


RDM Rating

Age range: 1-7

Coffee close by: 0

Shade sail: 1

Bike/scooter track: 1

Noteworthy features: 1 – beautiful backdrop and lot’s of grass for picnics!

Can host a party (BBQ, tables, toilets): 1

Gated / safe: 0

TOTAL: 4 / 6


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