April School Holidays – Modern Warriors Jujitsu

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Saturday 14th April HUNTERS HILL 7am – 9am 

Child Safety Skills & Self Defence!  $20 – per family up to three children and two adults.

Our School Holiday workshops are legendary!

Come along and spend a couple of hours with us learning all about how to help your children to be safe from many of the dangers kids face – bullying, peer pressure, child abuse, anti-social behaviours.  Through games, role plays, physical self defence and stories, children will learn all about how we can make ourselves safer.
By following tips and tricks to keep communication open between parents and children, parents will learn how to set up the framework to enable children to stay safe all the time, and build fantastic foundations for the teenage years.

* physical self defence skills

* Dealing with Bullies

* learning to trust your gut to deal with danger

* using passwords

* establishing rules and boundaries for traveling to and from school independently

* How to stand up for yourself effectively

* Using our words

* home alone safely

* creating an environment of communication between parents and kids

Through our fun and energetic 2 hour seminar parents and their children will learn how to help children navigate the dangers posed by people they know as well as strangers, gaining a greater insight into how to incorporate child protective behaviours into every day life to ensure kids are safe everywhere, always. Information will be presented in a safe and easy to understand format and there will be time for a question and answer session afterwards.

www.modernwarriors.com.au to book your place or phone 0413 376 356. Places are limited.