The Ryde area is pretty happening! There’s lots to do and lots to know. In 2014 we started a Facebook group specifically for Mums in the Ryde area so that we can keep in the know, build our local community and support each other.


Since then, we’ve built this website, added new social channels (Facebook page and Instagram) and a newsletter to boot. All with the aim of keeping local mums in the loop about whats happening in our patch, from events, local services, the best places to play and everything in between.


Who We Are

Jessica Matthews

Not only do I live in the area by so do my parents and grandparents – I feel like I know it so well! But there are so many hidden gems and new developments. I can’t wait to share with you and learn more.


Jacqui Owens

    Now that I have two kids, I’m getting to know our patch like never before. I love this area, being part of the community and being able to contribute to it through our online network.