15 Breakfasts for the Cereal Haters

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by Rebecca Lee

My daughter is a nightmare to feed breakfast. She’s picky, slow and just not interested. So I asked the RDM Facebook group for some inspiration. I LOVE having such knowledgeable ladies around!

Here are some of their suggestions:

1. Smoothie of milk, yogurt, banana and a big blob of Peanut Butter (throw in some oats when no-one is looking!)

2. Leftover dinner tasting plate

3. Healthier Banana Bread

4. Zucchini slice filled with all sorts of veggies from the bottom of the crisper in mini muffin pans

5. Raw oats with fruit, yoghurt, shredded coconut and honey 

6. Cheese on toast

7. Mushroom omelette and toast

8. Zucchini fritters (or other vegetable “shreddies”)

9. Dippy eggs and vegemite soldiers 

10. Banana “pancakes” (a banana and egg)

11. Bacon and egg muffins

12. Banana peanut butter baked porridge (my fave is crushed hazelnuts on top!)

13. Green Smoothie aka Hulk Juice Green smoothies- make them extra creamy with frozen mango or banana and flaxseed oil for brain health

14. Breakfast “cookies”

15. Magical Blender Muffins

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